Young Indian actor & dancer dreaming big…


Prakash, a young 21yrs old person from India has the dream to become one day a famous actor, yet… he sleeps on the floor, in a small corner of the family house and is expected to provide enough income to support his brother to finish university. The whole family has put hopes on his brother’s success to help them out of poverty. Parkash also runs free dance classes for the community with… a cellphone! No studio, no stereo, no speakers, no mirrors, no nothing, just a cellphone to provide music.

Another young man works day and night making clay tea cups in the city, forced to live away from his family, wife and daughter, who stayed behind in the countryside. He has ambitions, and he has a dream: earn enough money to bring his family to the city too and be able to share a chat with them at night… He will be able to save enough money if he works 18 hours per day…

I wanted to share this documentary for three reasons:

1. Many artists, here in the West, young, emerging and established, go through doubts and through struggles with the dream to “make it”. But seeing the faith and determination in the eyes of Prakash made me cry, cry of compassion, cry of hope.

2. Many artists travel the world and leave their families behind, for a while or for a long time. We emigrate to another country to pursue our dream of success or we go on tour living our dream. In this documentary people leave family behind not because one makes a choice, not because one follows the path of self-fulfillment, but because one has the morale obligation to contribute to the well-being of their beloved ones, at whatever emotional cost. This documentary made me burst into tears, realizing how much my freedom is true freedom and this is not to be taken for granted… freedom of choice, of life style, of life choice, of direction, of country to live in.

3. After watching this I believe I have no reason to ever complain again about working hard or for too many hours…

I am silently praying for all those featuring in this film… May their dreams come true. You are all an inspiration, your faith, ambition and willingness is incredibly strong.