Women in the Dancehall – Interview series at DanceJa – episode 2

During my last trip to Jamaica I had the opportunity to host the new DanceJa talk show. I interviewed Jamaican Dancehall dancers, asking questions about their artistic journeys and about their dreams for the future. These interviews gave me the exclusive opportunity to research and understand Dancehall Culture more in-depth.

As a European Female Dancehall-passionate, I often wonder about women in the Dancehall. While Jamaican male and female dancers couple up, and while females in Kingston perform their latest head tops and tricks under the spotlight, there is me… looking at the scene in awe, observing relationships in dance and looking at these whining swerving bodies.

Kimiko is a female dancer, brought up in Dancehall Culture. She is a hardworking lady, and a charismatic performer. She told me: “Guys always want to come and dance with us, it’s cool, but also… give us some space! There are times I just wanna bruk out and enjoy. Many girls stopped dancing because of that.”.

That’s exactly the way I feel… I just wanna bruk out too! Shake it, whine it and one drop it when it’s our time, without the pressure of having a male dancer interrupting me. Even though we can choose to dance, or not, with a partner afterwards.

What does it mean to be a women in the Dancehall, a male dominated scene? What does it mean to aim for the spotlight when male dancers are now getting so much attention?

Kimiko believes that female dancers are extremelly talented and that they shall claim their space again in the Dance Hall.

I hope our conversation will inspire you as much as it inspired me!