What is Dancehall Theatre? – Video Blog

What is Dancehall Theatre? The concept triggers interest and curiosity.

Cindy Claes is an artist wearing many hats: Choreographer, Dance Storyteller, Teacher, Playwright, etc. After many years of experience in the Hip Hop Theatre world, she created two full-lenght Dancehall Theatre productions in 2013: “Is My Whining Winding You Up?” (a comedic socio-political three women show) and “School Fi Wifey” (a Jamaican & Dancehall re-adaptation of a Moliere classic). She also had the honor to be commissioned by Saddler’s Wells Theatre to curated and produce a ground breaking Dancehall Theatre event in London. Wild Card: Dancehall Takeover (Feb 2014) was sold out weeks in advance and featured work from UK Dancehall Theatre pioneers as well as a collaboration between Cindy’s company, the DTX Collective, and Shady Squad from Kingston / Jamaica. Passionate about international dance exchanges, Cindy has also been leading Dancehall Theatre sessions in Jamaica Kingston, at Edna Manley College (2010-2011) and DanceJa (2014), as part of a wider exchange program she is currently setting up.