Traveling as a dancer or dance backpacking, an emotional experience

smile-quote-imageDance backpacking… in other words: traveling around the world with as purpose to nurture your creative self, to share and exchange skills with fellow artists and to dance your trip away as if there was no tomorrow. For me “dance backpacking” means training, researching, giving, taking, learning, sharing, talking, sweating, observing, performing, teaching, dancing… across the globe and across cultures.

Traveling as a dancer is a highly emotional experience. First because you learn and improve so much, secondly and most importantly, because you meet people.

You are abroad, outside of your comfort zone, some might think this is a scary thing, I would say it is a “fricking” exciting thing! Being in a new environment for a short period of time pushes you to go beyond your fears. While back home you might be scared to ask questions, here you won’t stop. While back home your inner voice tells you others might judge you for taking certain actions, overseas that inner voice has no power because at the end of the day “nobody knows you, so who cares?”.

Traveling abroad as an artist is an experience that brings out your most powerful and beautiful self. Your openness, vulnerability, hunger to experience and your big smile creates a bubble of positivity around you that nobody can explain.

If you have done it before, you will understand what I mean. If you haven’t, book your flight now and follow that dream.

Just be aware there are 2 sides to this beautiful emotional experience… when you are back home, some people will make you smile just by thinking about them… but your friends will also live in your laptop… lucky we got Skype…