The Dancehall LAB – Freestyle Class

The Dancehall LAB series for February are in full swing!!


On Thurs 12th February, 7-8.30pm, at Husky Studios, we are about to explore the power of DANCEHALL FREESTYLING TECHNIQUES!!!

Do you want to be able to feel free, self expressed and dance like nobody is watching when you out clubbing?

Do you want to be confident showing off your skills at an audition?

Do you want to enter a battle?


Whatever your motivation and aspirations, these freestyling classes are a BLAST!

The basics of dancing, Dancehall and any street dance genre is: freestyle.  But now that many people are  being introduced to dance in a studio and not per se in the street or in the club, dance students are lacking confidence when it comes to free styling.  Time to work on your skills!  Yes, we can learn how to freestyle too!


Come and develop your freestyling skills in a safe and fun atmosphere!