Compassion and Creativity

I was on a meditation course this weekend with my favourite teacher (a Buddhist monk called Gelong Thubten).
We talked in-depth about the importance of integrating compassion and kindness to our practice of mindfulness.

For example:

During the meditation practice, our mind will inevitably wonder and thoughts will pop up, all in the name of distraction.
If people tell themselves things like “common’ you, can’t you focus!” it raises their stress levels.
If on the other hand, we kindly, gently bring ourselves back to focussing on the breath, without judgement, oxytocin is being released, which makes us feel safe and calm.

How compassionate are we with OUR creativity?

I am guilty.
I have definitely attended dance classes where I thought: “Common’ Cindy! You aren’t getting the groove right!”
Looked at my poetry thinking: “This isn’t good enough. You are not sharing that with the world.”
Preparing a show: “Girl, you better hurry up. Doesn’t look like ideas come quickly to you, or is it?”

Meditation combined with the practice of compassion brought me on a different journey.
Being kind to myself when ideas popped up transformed my relationship with my creative juices, but also with how I share it with the world.


Creativity and making this world a better world

As an artist, I always reflected how my creativity could make this world a better world. Whether I am creating a show, teach a class or perform, I want it to benefit society in some way, shape or form.

In Buddhism, we dedicate our practice to the benefit of others. Meditation is not a selfish act to improve our own lives, it is also a practice to benefit others, making all lives more peaceful and joyful.

I believe that when we tap into our most profound creative potential, we have the ability to impact our communities, relationships and environment. I want to see everyone feel confident in their creative approach to life.

When I talk about creativity, I mean ALL creative ventures:

– finding solutions to business problems
– being creative in our public speaking
– putting ideas on the table during a meeting at work
– etc.


It is because I believe in the compassionate power of creativity, that I set up the:


A full weekend of dance, theatre, storytelling, creative writing… and compassion!

No previous experience necessary. All welcome.

SAT 25th & 26th AUG in London

The benefits of engaging in fun and mindful creative tasks impacts all areas of our lives (personal and professional).
Join us to tickle your funny bone and learn to think on your feet!
The objective of this Retreat Weekend is to:

  • cultivate a creative approach to life
  • a solution-orientated mindset




PS: we have early offers on at the moment, book your spot now 🙂

**Meditation for dancing souls**

meditation-fb-flyer-2-001“MEDITATION FOR DANCING SOULS” – to support dancers and dance lovers to connect body & mind.

No previous experience required, just turn up and… breathe…

Integrating meditation into your daily practice not only helps us focus, it also brings us clarity when we feel confused, it helps reduce stress and it supports us in our relationships and daily life challenges. It also helps us avoid injuries while developing mindfulness.
Meditation is an empowering practice for dancing souls and dancing bodies!

The sessions include exercises, instructions and meditation. Many shared with me they wanted to meditate but didn’t know how to start. Others told me they would feel supported and do it more regularly if they could join a group session. Well… here it is!

every THURS (***starting 26th June***)

at Studio68
68 Ewer St, London SE1 0NR
Nearest tube: Southwark


Join the weekly sessions, and stay tuned for the bi-monthly intensives!


Meditation for dancers – coming soon…


I am about to organize a session to support dancers connecting body & mind: “MEDITATION FOR DANCERS”.

Many of you know (and many of you don’t know) that meditation is part of my daily practice. It helps us focus, it brings us clarity when we feel confused, it helps reduce stress and it supports us in our relationships and daily life challenges. It also helps us avoid injuries while developing mindfulness. Meditation is an empowering practice, and as many have asked me questions about meditation and how to start, well… here it is!

It would be in central London, for 1 hour. The session would include exercises and instructions as well as short meditations to apply the exercises.

If this is something you are interested in… please help me set up “the” ideal class and answer a few questions:

1. At the moment I am thinking of organizing it during lunchtime on a week day, however there are options to do it early morning or late evenings too. WHAT DAY/TIME WOULD BE IDEAL FOR YOU?

2. I could organize a WEEKLY session, so that people feel supported within their meditation practice, or we could do it on a MONTHLY basis, so that people can practice at home and come back with questions the month after.

Thank you for answering!




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