To anyone who ever found excuses not to live their wildest dreams

To anyone who ever found excuses not to live their wildest dreams:


I thought I was pretty good at catching myself when making excuses until…

Until I hit a wall.
The wall of unhappiness.
I felt unfulfilled, stuck.

I was “busy”.
I had 2 business coaches, tried a whole bunch of new things.

I was still MISERABLE.

My creative self wasn’t expressing itself to its highest potential.
Professionally, I was stagnating*
(*more in another post)


But there was one place where I still felt home, at peace, alive, and creative: Jacques Lecoq.

Yet, I gave myself 5001 excuses NOT to study at Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Moving there for 1-2 years?!?!

I talked myself out of this dream for a LONG TIME.


My EXCUSES were:

“I am too old.”
“It’s too expensive I can’t afford it.”
“I can’t put my career on hold now. Stop the non sense.”
“Tell theaters you’ll be gone for 1-2 years… and all the hard work you done so far will go to the bin.”
“Everybody will forget about your existence if you leave.”
“Leave the dance scene for a year and you’ll be back to square one. Forget it.”
“Euh… what you gonna do in Paris?”
“People will laugh at you. They ain’t gonna understand the concept of professional development. They gonna think you were an imposture for all those years.”
“It’s too late.”
“You wanna become a better theatre director, choreographer and blahablahblah… who the F&^$$K cares?”



I wanna grow. I wanna fullfill my highest potential as an artist. I wanna stop playing mediocre and raise my game.


I had to remember that it is MY LIFE, and I CARE.

And that’s not a bad start if you wanna be happy. 


Inner voice: “So… what you gonna do about it Cindy?”


I got tired of my own inner talk.

I hated the wall of unhappiness I had hit.

I spoke to a 55 years old woman living her theatre dream and felt soooo silly. My excuses crumbled.

I applied – extremely last minute.

Got onto the waiting list.

(Just getting on the waiting list was high in emotions, I cried. It was as if my soul said “YES GIRL! IT WAS ABOUT TIME!”)

Three days later, I got an email saying I go a place to start in October.

The next day I created a crowdfunding campaign for my tuition fee.

Now I am planning the move, following the path to happiness.

I trust that all the resources I need are already on its way to me. Blessings come as a full package. 


So, too anyone who ever found excuses NOT to live their big dream… look the wall in the eye, and say “you are about to crumble down my friend” 😉


I am currently fundraising.

To support and make a donation towards my tuition fee to study at Jacques Lecoq:



Little squirrel running, coconut under the paw…

A true story that happened a few weeks ago. I thought I’d share it as the inspirational actions of this little squirrel are still on my mind…

“On my way back from meditation this morning I met a squirrel carrying a massive coconut…!  Scared of humans (who could possibly steal the biggest catch of his lifetime!), he started running, coconut under the paw… Suddenly stopped by a fence, little squirrel was desperate to pull the coconut through the metal bars but it obviously got stuck.  Looking at us with fear in his eyes, he gave up and ran up his tree with true disappointment.  I should have taken a picture, but he was soooo cute and I laughed soooo much, my mind wasn’t quick enough to take the snap! (**the picture you see was taken from google**).  We helped him of course and put the coconut under his tree.”

Morale of the story:
– Don’t be scared when you catch what you’ve been dreaming of for so long.  Cling on to it and find a way to bring it home (your heart). Nobody or nothing wil hurt you.
– Rejoyce when others succeed, help and support them especially when they have a moment of panic.

Have a wonderful start of the week!


Little squirrel running, coconut under the paw

Dreaming big & slowing down

“Exciting visions & big plans require hard work. So once you start dreaming BIG, don’t worry if you find yourself SLOWING DOWN… big & long to-do lists require time to be accomplished with care.” – CINDY CLAES

Difficult doesn’t mean impossible.

Always listen to that inner voice that knows the dictionnary. Never listen to that inner voice that believes difficult means impossible. These words aren’t synonyms.

May all your artistic dreams come true, keep shining!!