Dancehall classes in April, an amazing line up!!

You want to learn more about Dancehall culture, it’s history and steps?

The month of April is giving dancehall enthusiasts an opportunity to train and develop their skills with a variety of teachers!


Classes are on every:

TUE 6-7.30pm at Studio68 (Southwark tube)

WED 8.30-10pm at Maryland Studioz (Stratford tube)

THURS 7.30-9pm at iAstudios (Oval tube)


In April, Cindy will be teaching two special Back To Old school sessions.  We also have special guest teachers such as Judith Palmer, Shelaine and international guest Vendela Blackout from Sweden / NYC.


Each class will be an incredible opportunity for students to understand Dancehall at a deeper level, experience a variety of teaching methods and expand their knowledge of dances of the african diaspora.


All dancehall classes are drop-ins and welcome all levels!


Vendela goes to Jamaica on a regular basis to train, perform and shoot music videos.  Her experience of the Dancehall scene is pure, authentic and full of passion for the culture. We are excited to have her at Badda Beats Thursdayz!


Shelaine is a Queen and she “bruk out”!!!!!! When she see Shelain in action inna di Dancehall, you just step aside!  Be ready for rather crazy a Female Steps Only collabo class!!!




Judith is from Jamaican heritage, and has studied African & Caribbean dance forms in depth for almost 3 decades!!! She is an encyclopedia of knowledge and a library of know-how, her dance skills will leave you speechless!!  So you think you can whine…..? Come to class!!!


Judith Palmer special guest April 2015



Dance like nobody is watching!

After an incredible collabo workshop with Sir Ledgen at Studio68 last night, we are going ahead with some “Female Steps Only” classes for the rest of the week.

Ladies, come and whine it, drop it, shake it, like nobody is watching! The female dancehall vocabulary is rich, powerful, cheeky, sexy, strong and creative. Come and learn more about technique, culture, all in an environment where self-expression, freedom and individuality is valued!




WED 25th MARCH 8.30-10pm 
at Maryland Studioz (Stratford tube)

THURS 26th MARCH 7.30-9pm 
at iAstudios (Oval tube)
£8 / £7**

FEMALE STEPS ONLY flyer March 2015


Wanna see videos from some previous Female Steps Only Classes?




Double bill of Afro-beats classes, mixed up with some Dancehall vybz!

Afro-beats and Dancehall lovers… Make sure you reach!!!


Thurs 19th March at iAstudios…

7.30pm-9pm —–> The Dancehall LAB presents a COLLABO CLASS: Dancehall & Afrobeats with Cindy & Verona!!

9pm-10.30pm ——> Afro-beats Fusion with GOP Dancers


£8/class or £14 for both!



How to get to iAstudios, here is a map:


iAstudios (1-3 Brixton Rd, London SW9 6DE)







Sir Ledgen from NYC & Cindy Claes

at Studio68 (in the big studio downstairs)


Sir Ledgen - final flyer


How to get to iAstudios for Badda Beats Thursdayz?

Badda Beats Thursdayz is moving into a new home iAstudios this week!!

Our lovelly intern Sara has made a map for our students, so you won’t get lost. Only 1 min walk from Oval tube station, GOP Dancers and myself are super excited to start the event in a beautiful new and big space!

iAstudios is also fully wheelchair accessible!


Badda Beats Thursdayz

every Thursday at iAstudios

7.30-9pm —> The Dancehall LAB with Cindy Claes & Guests

9-10.30pn —> Afro-Beats Fusion with GOP Dancers


House and Dancehall? Afro-beats and Dancehall? YES PLEASE!

The Dancehall LAB presents


on THURSDAYZ, 7.30pm-9pm

at iAstudios

(1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE —> 1min walk from Oval Tube Station)

£8/class OR £7**


Dancehall + House (with Caramel Soldier) – 12th March

Dancehall + Afro-Beats (with Verona) – 19th March

INTERNATIONAL Dancehall + Dancehall (with Sir Ledgen NYC) – 24th March —-> exceptionally held at Studio68


Dancehall + “Female Steps Only” (with Shelaine Prince) – 23rd April



Dates to be announced soon for the following workshops:


Body Percussion + Dancehall with Asha Jennings-Grant 

Hiphop Theatre/Performance skills + Dancehall with Franck Wilson

Afro-vybz + Dancehall with Fay-B (from Belgium/Burkina Faso)

The art of “whining”, back to the roots & African Dance with Judith Palmer (live drumming)



The Dancehall LAB:

From concept choreo classes, to freestyle classes, students will also have the opportunity to engage in Dancehall Theatre sessions and explore dance storytelling through Dancehall.

Another exciting part of the Dancehall LAB are the series of upcoming COLLABO CLASSES!!!  Be ready for London, national and international collaborations to come!!!


Badda Beats Thursdayz is a night of regular classes for Dance lovers passionate about dances of the african diaspora.


Every Thursday evening at iAstudios:

7.30pm-9pm ——->The Dancehall LAB with Cindy & Guests

9pm-10.30pm ——>Afro-Beats Fusion with GOP Dancers

£8/class or £14 for both


Please visit the website for regular updates:


Looking forward to see you in the studio with us on Thursdayz!!!



Here is a taster of what awaits you for the next few months, take out your diaries and put those dates down!



Verona_Collabo_iAstudios Sir Ledgen - final flyer


UK Dancehall & Dancehall Collabo Class

This week it’s a Dancehall & Dancehall Collabo class!


Thurs 5th March
last class at Husky Studios before we are moving to iAstudios (1min walk from Oval tube)
DHK Shortman and Cindy Claes are joining creative forces to bring you a collabo class full of vybz!!


Both dancehall dancers/teachers have been dancing together in an incredible music video last year: “Come Over” by Clean Bandit feat. Stylo G.


The Music video was shot in a desert in Morocco as well as in the Arctic!!!  Choreography by Paradigmz.




A bit more info about the teachers:

More info on Cindy Claes, her Dancehall Theatre work and her international exchanges: www.cindyclaes


DHK Shortman has won several award along the years:

1.Best Upcoming Dancer 2008 (Everhype Dancers)
2. Best newcomer dancer 2008 (Everhype Dancers)
3. Best Group Dancer 2009 DDA Awards (Dancehall Dancers Awards)
4. Best Male dancer 2009 DDA Awards (Dancehall Dancers
5. 2nd place European Dancehall King 2010
6. Most Creative Dancer 2011 (DDA) Dancehall Dancers Awards
7. Best Male Solo Dancer 2013 (DIA Awards) Dancehall Industry Awards
8. Best Dancer 2014 (DIA Awards) Dancehall Industry Awards


I will be posting a little snippet video of our upcoming collabo later on tonight… stay tuned!


People are you ready for this?!?!?!?!





Badda Beats Thursdayz is moving into a new home on 12th March!

Badda Beats Thursdayz is moving venue…

Join us at iAstudios from THURS 12th MARCH!!!!!!!!  

We are very excited to soon be moving into our new “home”:


1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE (near Oval tube station)


**Classes will run as normal on Thurs 26th Feb, and Thurs 5th March at Husky Studios.

**Please note there will be a few changes (time & price) when changing venue. See info below.

**You will LOVE the new studio!!!!!!!!


Thurs 26th Feb at Husky Studios

7-8.30pm – The Dancehall LAB (Collabo Class – acting for dancers & dancehall)

8.30-10pm – Afro-Beats Fusion


Thurs 5th March at Husky Studios

7-8.30pm – The Dancehall LAB (Collabo Class – dancehall & dancehall)

8.30-10pm – Afro-Beats Fusion

£8/class or £12 for both


From Thurs 12th March, we will be based at iAstudios:

7.30-9pm ——-> The Dancehall LAB (with Cindy Claes)

9-10.30pm —–>  Afro-Beats Fusion (with GOP Dancerz)

£8/class or £14 for both





The Dancehall LAB as part of Badda Beats Thursdayz, is all about exploring Dancehall within a larger realm of possibilities.


From Dancehall freestyle to Dancehal Theatre to Dancehall Collabo Classes, The Dancehall LAB is a UNIQUE weeky event happening in London.




Join us every Thursday at Husky Studios:

7-8.30pm The Dancehall LAB (with CINDY & GUESTS)

8.30-10pm Afro-Beats Fusion (with GOP Dancerz)

£8/class or £12 for the whole evening!



You can now also book for our Collabo Class series online!!!!

Dancehall + House (with Caramel Soldier) – 19th Feb
Dancehall + Acting for dancers (with Gbemisola Ikumelo) – 26th Feb
Dancehall + Dancehall (with DHK Shortman) – 5th March
Dancehall + Afro-Beats (with Verona) – 19th March
Dancehall + “Female Steps Only” (with Shelaine Prince) – 23rd April



The Dancehall LAB – Freestyle Class

The Dancehall LAB series for February are in full swing!!


On Thurs 12th February, 7-8.30pm, at Husky Studios, we are about to explore the power of DANCEHALL FREESTYLING TECHNIQUES!!!

Do you want to be able to feel free, self expressed and dance like nobody is watching when you out clubbing?

Do you want to be confident showing off your skills at an audition?

Do you want to enter a battle?


Whatever your motivation and aspirations, these freestyling classes are a BLAST!

The basics of dancing, Dancehall and any street dance genre is: freestyle.  But now that many people are  being introduced to dance in a studio and not per se in the street or in the club, dance students are lacking confidence when it comes to free styling.  Time to work on your skills!  Yes, we can learn how to freestyle too!


Come and develop your freestyling skills in a safe and fun atmosphere!