Students’ Showcase coming up soon (FRI 5th SEPT)

Dear dance lovers, dancers and students,

We have an exciting Student Showcase coming up!

Felicia, regular student in class and also an intern for Cindy Claes Productions, has decided to make the leap and follow her dreams. After studying engineering and having had a fulltime 9-5 job in London, Felicia has decided to make from dance her career. She recently auditioned for STUDIO MRG in Paris and was successfully accepted on their training program and company. She is leaving London for 9 months to work and train with top choreographers in Paris. She is organising a fundraiser to help her cover costs of the tuition fee.

My students will have the opportunity to perform on that night. Many are regulars in class and have been working hard in the studio. Time has come to celebrate on stage what they have achieved after months/years of sweat. Others are new to class and want to experience the adreline we get when dancing in front of an audience. All are welcome to perform! Contact me now and express your interest!

I invite you all to come and join us on


If you are a student that comes to class and you want to perform, please drop me a line! Come to class as often as possible between now and 5th Sept to learn all the material we will use for the showcase. An additional rehearsal will be organised the night before, on THURS 4th SEPT. Send me your contact details and you will receive private video links to rehearse.

If you are a dance enthusiast, join us to come and see the show! We will be part of a wider line up of artists supporting this fundraising event and I promise you will have loads of fun!

Have a great day!