School Fi Wifey – Dancehall Theatre

I have recently been commissioned by Midland Actors Theatre to make a Jamaican Dancehall re-adaptation of a Moliere classic!!

If you don’t know Moliere, he was a famous French playwright and actor from the 17th century. He criticised the way women were treated during these times and wrote a play “The School For Wives” to make audiences think.

Writing this play has been an incredible journey of growth in terms of my artistic practice as a writer, a dance storyteller and a director. Working with a cast speaking patois added so much sparkle and depth to my research on jamaican culture! I feel truly grateful this opportunity has been given to me!

We will organise two informal sharings of the work in progress:

Thurs 3rd Oct – London
Fri 4th Oct – Birmingham

The event is free to attend but is by invitation only. Please contact me directly if you are interested in seeing a special kind of Theatre!  Only a few places will be released for general public to be part of our test audience. Complete the Contact form