The Krumping Theatre Project (L.A./Long Beach)

Cindy met Demolition Crew in 2008.  After 2 years of unstoppable determination, dreams and perseverance, Spread Expression traveled to Los Angeles for 2 weeks in April 2011 and:

  • produced several short Krumping Theatre pieces with Demolition Crew.  The work was performed at Homeland Cultural Centre in Long Beach.  The event was a massive success!

  • trained up the next generation of Krump Theatre Directors by offering professional development into this field to Demolition Crew members.  The creative process and rehearsals were emotional, intense, challenging and described as “life-changing”!!

  • Cindy aka Lady Fudd has been labbing with her big homies improving Krump technique to bring expertise back to the UK.

  • Cindy deepened research on Krump culture, history and social background, experiencing Krumping at its roots.  These experiences will be printed in her heart and memories for life.

A new repertory piece was created during the exchange and the team performed it at the AmphiTheatre in Hollywood in September 2011 as part of the Fourth Annual J.U.i.C.E. hip hop dance festival.

Worm, one of the dancers from Compton, also came to London to perform as a lead role in “Voices in the Alleyway”.  He shared his knowledge of Krumping through workshops and shined on stage for the show.  He has since been a true inspiration and leader within his own community in Compton, standing for positivity and for showing that dreams do come true.