Mi A Go Foreign

a sit(dance)com

MI A GO FOREIGN! is a “Work In Progress” by Cindy Claes & Hanna Herbertson. The sit(dance)com is not a finished product, it represent an exploration of two artists telling stories through dancehall on film.

“Two European girls dream of fame. They are determined to make it and move to NYC.  Emigration and immigration come with their ups and downs though.  Through unexpected challenges, surprising encounters, moments of doubt and moments of awe, “Carla” (Hanna Herbertson) & “Chicha” (Cindy Claes) forged a strong friendship the very first day they moved to the Big Apple… On a grumpy sunday morning, this is how they roll…”
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Both dancers were hungry for growth and thirsty to expand worldwide. In 2005, Hanna moved from Sweden to NYC and Cindy moved from Belgium to London.  When they left home, their dreams were big. The reality they faced was sometimes difficulty, but mostly breath-taking and jaw-dropping.  Today they have a whole collection of funny memories, from renting their first room, to misunderstanding voicemails due to language barriers. They remember falling in love and looking for jobs in cities full of… surprises!!!

In real life, Hanna and Cindy met in Brussels 10 years ago…  They were finally able to collaborate on the project while Cindy came to live in NYC for a few months in 2011.