Artistic adventures in NYC

Cindy is an artist wearing many hats: Choreographer & Director, Dancer & Actress, Dance-storyteller & Creative Writer, Dance Coach & Mentor. This video is an extract of Cindy performing in NYC at Mixed Movement, an “open mic” for dancers held in Brooklyn. Cindy was on a 6 months artistic research trip in 2011.

It was during her time in NYC that Cindy decided to research “screenwriting” more in-depth.  She spent a lot of time reading and researching at the library of the Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts.  Cindy found a lot of inspiration in the art of screenwriting, not only when it came to storytelling using a very visual medium, but it also added metholodgy to her own way of writing scripts for dance stories.

Hannah Herbertson, fellow Dancehall dancer now based in NYC, and Cindy did a collaboration on “Mi A Go Foreign”.  These videos don’t represent a final product but are a sharing of the artistic process 2 dancers used to tell Dancehall stories.