• Dancehall
  • Krumping
  • Hip-Hop (New Style)
  • 90s Old School Hiphop
  • Popping
  • Afrobeats

Secondary Skills

  • Salsa
  • West African Dance forms
  • Contemporary
  • Contact Improvisation
  • House
  • Bungee / Aerial

Cindy Claes shifts boundaries in dance theatre

Hip Hop. Dancehall. Spoken Word poetry. All on one dark stage. On one body. It was revitalising. Cindy Claes is revitalising.

Cindy is currently focussing on touring her solo work. Her romantic dance comedy “Phone is ringing, time is ticking”, and her dark political piece “Things aren’t always black or white”, have had an incredible success so far in San Francisco, London, Kingston and Brussels.

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Her vibrant, energetic, stylish and graceful quality of movement balances masculine and female forces. She has a unique dance language. Her presence brings a new dimension to live performances and camera work. From comedy to sadness and tears, her performance skills are standing out and moved audiences, accross the globe. Cindy has a wide experience within the dance industry, from the commercial sector, to where her heart led her a few years ago: Hip-Hop Theatre. Cindy performed all over Europe, USA and Jamaica.

Cindy started training as a Hip-Hop dancer in Belgium in the mid-90’s. From the age of 17, she started dance backpacking to train and gather uncommon dance experiences. Hungry for more challenges, she moved to London (UK) in 2005. She trained Krumping in Los Angeles (Long Beach/Demolition Crew) with the generous support of the Lisa Ullman Travelling Scholarship Fund. She wanted to experience Dancehall first hand in Jamaica to deepen her research, and she travelled to the island several times since 2010. She also studied Afro-Caribbean dance forms (Kamina, Revival and Dinki Mini) at Edna Manley College in Kingston during their summer intensive.