Cindy is more than a Dance Teacher. Classes are about sharing well-being on the dance floor, as well as building citizens of the world, one dance move at the time.

She is specialised in Dancehall, Hip-Hop and Krumping.  Sharing the social and cultural context of the dance forms with her students during technique classes, she also aims to increase students’ curiosity towards Hip-Hop Theatre.

Her vision is to inspire leaders within the next generation, and allow dance enthusiasts to express themselves fully with heart, body and soul.

Cindy’s fire comes from her unlimited fountain of energy and passion.  Her classes have as purpose to raise self-esteem and develop creativity alongside knowledge and technique.

Cindy has been teaching in various context having students with different backgrounds; from young people with the motivation to become professional dancers to youth offenders who often had lost sparkle, interest and belief in their own future.  She has also been working with mixed groups of non-disabled and disabled dancers.  Having a wide and international experience, Cindy has been delivering successful Continuous Professional Development Programs for dance teachers and emerging choreographers (UK, Belgium, USA).

Cindy also set up a very unique international dance exchange and intensive training program: 1000 Pieces Puzzle.

Cindy is a dance backpacker.  She travelled widely and has been teaching in countries such as Trinidad and Tobago (CPD for the company Eclektic), Morocco, Crete, Jamaica, USA, UK and Belgium.  A voice for unity and internationalism, Cindy is able to build bridges between cultures and the arts.  Cindy has been working with lead organizations such as East London Dance (Artistic Director for Limitless Dance), Jonzi D Productions (Rehearsal Director, CPD leader, Hip-Hop Theatre teacher) and the Royal Opera House (“New Dance Makers” – education/dance teacher), to name but a few.


Technique classes

  • Dancehall
  • 90s Old School Hip-Hop
  • Krumping

Choreographic laboratories

  • Choreographic Lab
  • Hip-Hop Theatre
  • Dancehal Theatre
  • Dance storytelling open to all styles

Continuous professional development programs & mentoring programs for emerging artists

  • for dance teachers
  • for emerging choreographers