Photo credits: Belinda Lawley

You have to applaud choreographer and director Cindy Claes for her daring approach to theatre. (…) Claes’ experimentation defines her as an “artist” rather than just a choreographer

Toomuchflavour, June 2011

Cindy is an artist wearing many hats: Choreographer & Director, Dancer & Actress, Dance-storyteller & Creative Writer, Performer, Mentor.

Creative is who she is, explosive is what she does!

Passionate about Hip-Hop Theatre, Dancehall, Krumping and Afrobeats, Cindy developed unique choreographic methods with mind-blowing results.  Dance tells stories.  Her work is social, political and spiritual.  She developed a powerful, charismatic and very emotional movement language. Cindy creates artistic earthquakes through laughter and tears.  Her work aims to portray the Hip-Hop/Krumping/Dancehall community as intellectual, outspoken and articulate.

Founder of the company (2008), her work has been showcased internationally (Jamaica, San Francisco, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Belgium, UK).  She hit London in 2011 with her moving full length production “Voices in the Alleyway” (dance, drama and basketball), and is taking over the theatres nationally and internationally with her solo “Things aren’t always black or white” in 2017.

Cindy is also a dance backpacker.  She travelled widely (Europe, Jamaica, USA, Africa, and Trinidad & Tobago) to hone her skills and to share her artistry.  She had the privilege to teach, perform and choreograph worldwide, sharing the power and beauty of Hip-Hop Theatre with many.  She has been leading various international professional development programs (Los Angeles, Jamaica, Belgium, UK) to train up the next generation of Choreographers and Directors in the genre.  A voice for unity and internationalism, she is able to build bridges between cultures and the arts.

Cindy has been the recipient of various prizes and awards including the Prize Roger Van de Voorde, ADAD Trailblazer Fellowship 2013-14, Grant for the Arts, Arts Council England, Artist International Development Fund, Bonnie Bird UK New Choreography Award, Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund Award.

Choreographic credits include: The Fiddler, Custody, Voices in the Alleyway, Upswing Aerial, Faith Drama Productions, Puzzle B, etc.