After having more than 10 years of experience as a dancer, and while strenghtening her voice as a dance theatre maker, Cindy wanted to take time to truly focus and nurture her acting skills. She studied and trained both in the UK and in NYC.

Today she is an artist who uses movement, text and spoken words to portray hard hitting stories on stage and on the screen. Her latest solo “Things aren’t always black or white” is a dance theatre piece where poetry, spoken words, and character work meets dance. Her full-length productions such as School fi wifey, Puzzel B or Voices in the Alleway, make from dance and theatre a unique form of expression.

Shining a charismatic female aura, her presence brings a new dimension to live performance and camera work. From comedy to drama, her performance skills always made her character outstanding. Cindy is vibrant, energetic, and graceful. She loves challenges.

Cindy started her acting training in Belgium (2003). She was privileged to be accepted in the Shape’s Entertainment Center and train with Jacqueline Collins. She then took classes with Xavier Campi (La Traque Au Trac Company). And while dancing for “La Compagnie”, she recieved her first introduction to Physical Theatre with Martine Hebette. Moving to London in 2005, Cindy started Improv’ with Charles Verrall and Hoopla Improv’. She joined an intensive Physical Theatre course under the lead of Victoria DiPace and registered in a Basic to Acting course at City Lit. In 2011, Cindy took off for a 6 months world trip, trained in New York with Bruce Ornstein and enrolled in an intense series of Improv’ classes at The Pit. In 2015, she obtained her Level 2 Improv’ at The Pit in NYC.