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1000 Pieces Puzzle is an international dance exchange programme founded by Cindy Claes Productions.

The program was delivered in collaboration with Zinnema and East London Dance in 2016 and 2017.

When setting up the international exchange, we open up an application process and look for dance artists hungry for growth to take part in this unique professional development opportunity, a 2-6 week intensive residency.

We always welcome applications from all genres and we especially encourage dance artists working in the following styles: Dancehall, Body Percussion, Krump, African Dance, Afro-House, Afro-Beats, and Hip Hop. We welcome applications from disabled artists.

Teachers (2017 edition):


Benji Reid: UK Hiphop Theatre Pioneer, a man with LIFE experience, extended CREATIVE experience, one of the artists who has broken down walls and pushed through doors back in the days to get Hiphop welcomed in theatres.
Alesandra Seutin: from her training in Senegal, to touring her work in Rwanda and Japan… this woman has fire in her belly and creative knowledge to share! International she is and international she breathes!
Ricardo Ambrózio: from Brazil, he moved to Belgium, if one know how to dare gravity and take risks on the dance floor, it’s Ricardo!!! Having been influenced by Krumping and Capeoira, his practice is now rooted in… jaw dropping contemporary movement.
Franck Wilson: eyes are turned on him and him only when this man performs on stage, his committment to the emotional journey and expression of the character he portrays on stage has left audiences in total awe.
Kate Scanlan: She was part of the founding team of Breakin’ Convention (UK Hiphop Theatre festival) and has strived to empower and elevate every street dancer encountered on her journey for over a decade. Now working freelance, she has a deep understanding of how the industry works and how to set up your own strategy to make YOUR dream become a reality.
Jan Wallyn: renown film director and jaw dropping dance on screen artist, his films were broadcasted as a monthly series on national television in Belgium, he has worked nationally and internationally (South Africa, Chicago, etc.) and he has pushed the boundaries of dance captured on film.
Thomas Talawa Prestø: all the way from Norway, the one and only Talawa Master will be blessing the dance floor with African & Caribbean dance techniques, his research and understanding of the art form has shaken up the stage, the studio and the TV screen on many occasions!!!! Be ready to use that spine in a whole new way!

About the programme:

30 artists spend +/- 12 days working together to:

– explore choreographic and theatrical devices
– collaborate and create new work with peers
– create a dance film with a renowned dance-on-screen director
– develop business skills
– train with high calibre guest artists, dance theatre makers and Hip Hop theatre pioneers

The project encourages artists to reach outside their comfort zones, engage in dynamic conversations, interactions and constructive feedback with peers and mentors and led by Cindy Claes (Belgian dance, choreographer, playwright, dance backpacker living in London).

This programme is designed for dance artists and choreographers who:

– are passionate about telling stories through dance and bringing dance to the theatre
– are interested in cultural/artistic exchanges and collaborations
– want to develop their leadership skills


The intensive residencies are a full programme of activity taking place each day between 10am and 7pm including some evening activity.