One-to-one coaching, let’s work on your individual needs and goals!

One-to-one dance classes

Are you a beginner and you too shy to dance in public?

Are you getting married and you want to prepare something special for your big day?

Are you a professional singer and you need work on your dancing skills for an upcoming gig or music video?

Are you a dance crew looking for an intense class with individual attention and corrections? (Private classes can also be organised for small groups up til 4 participants.)

Cindy has turned introverted into stars of the dancefloor.  She has helped brides and grooms creating memorable dancing moments for their wedding day.  Singers who were shy of moving and grooving have perfected their performance skills through one-to-one class attention.  From Hip hop to Dancehall to Afro-beats, one-to-one sessions will empower you mentally and physically.

One-to-one coaching sessions

Did you just move to London and need coaching to further your carreer?

Are you an emerging artist and you are looking for a mentor?

Are you finding it difficult to put yourself out there as an artist and need support?

Do you find it difficult to manage your artistic carreer with all your other obligations?

Cindy Claes moved to London in 2005.  She was one of many foreigners trying to make a name for herself in the big city.  Having a lot of experience as a performer, choreographer and producer, she has coached many artists coming from abroad, and mentorred many of the upcoming generation.  Book one, or a series of coaching sessions to further your carreer.