Need some individual personalised support?

Cindy has been coaching dancers and choreographers across the world. Her mission is to make people dream again, dream big AND… find an action plan that works, to get there!

During the online coaching sessions we can talk about the dream, the action plan, the struggles, or the challenges.

Online coaching sessions will give you a BOOST in energy!


  1. Please make a payment of £97
  2. £97 will give you access to 60min of online coaching
  3. You can either use your 60min in one session, or split it into 2 sessions of 30min
  4. Once you made your payment, please email specifying when you are available (example: mornings / afternoons / weekends / evenings)
  5. I will email you back with at least 3 possible time slots (Skype / Zoom)
  6. Please note that my schedule sometimes gets very busy, while you could get a session within a few days, you might need to wait 2 weeks to get booked in
  7. Prepare one / more questions before our 1to1, so we can dive straight into it!

Looking forward to work together & hear more about your journey!!