Old School Hip hop Workshops

“You have to come down and take Cindy’s class! Lose all your inhibitions and enjoy every minute of it while learning new steps in an action packed routine.  You’ve got  to love it!”


“The classes are hot and energetic where we don’t only learn steps and routines but we also share our smiles and happiness with Cindy.”


“Fantastic class suitable for all levels. Helping me every week to keep fit after my Heart Attack a few years ago.”


“First time I took a class with Cindy was a revelation, she has a mad energy that makes you feel so positive. The way she teaches her classes makes you feel more empowered and joyful.  I would recommend her class to anyone, I was a complete beginner and Cindy has motivated me to come every week to enjoy myself.  I have learnt so much and gained in confidence since dancing with her.”


“You can’t find many teachers like Cindy in London!”