Nobody has to know from Kranium – Dancehall class choreography

Hi Dancehall lovers!

I’m sure you all know this tune… sweet, warm, tender, it just brings you into another world.  This song has been out for a while now, and I wanted to choreograph on it for ages…  I was just waiting for the right moment.

A couple of weeks ago the heat took over London city.  The sun was burning hot, the weather just refused to cool down, and I knew class would be absolutelly packed.  Nothing better than a groovy tune, where people would not sweat their socks of but where students would truly take time to feel the music and the groove…

Here is a small section of what we did in class.  I wanted the choreo to have a little bit of an old school flavour… so on top of some more new school dancehall steps such as “badda wave”, “watch yah step”, “mistake”, “now you see me now you don’t” or “follow through”, you will also see old school moves such as “rock steady”, “butterfly”, and “boasy bounce”.  Despite using a majority of male vocabulary, I choose to perform it with two of my female dancers for the video, who are giving a true elegant and feminine energy to the choreography… My male dancers in the room performed it with a totally different energy, which was mad too though!


Here is a little extract of what we did in class:

Dancehall Class – Nobody has to know from Kranium


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