It’s official I am retiring as a Dancehall teacher!

It’s OFFICIAL: I am retiring as a Dancehall teacher!

Last class: 31st MAY 2018

Please read fully BEFORE ANY RUMORS START: hahahaaa!!


My heart has been calling me to focus EXCLUSIVELY on:

– my choreographic work
– me as a performer
– organizing creativity retreats & international dance exchanges


I will STILL TEACH dance storytelling & dance theatre workshops!!
(and creativity retreats)

I am only letting go of the role of “dance teacher”.


The time has come to fully embrace my purpose and what brings me to tears of joy every time: dance theatre, creative explorations, dance storytelling.

Is this transition scary or exciting?

Both of course!

But it’s been calling me LOUDLY.
My soul can’t deny the volume of my inner voice any longer.


Deep down, I always knew that teaching dance was part of my journey (20 years now… say what?!?!), but teaching was never my end goal.


Researching the cultures of the dances I practice (Dancehall, Krump, Hiphop) and getting to know the people who make the culture alive has brought me joy, connection and friendships.
Every artist – young or old, beginner or advanced – enriched me as a human being.
It’s the international collaborations and exchanges that truly made my heart beat.

I will forever share my love for these cultures through my Dance Theatre projects and performances.


The time has come for me to fully BE what is written in my next chapter, and contribute to the world in new ways, shapes and forms.


To all my AMAZING mentors:

The wisdom and knowledge you shared with me will always remain alive.
I will use and transfer every word of wisdom within every future artistic dance theatre project to come.


Teaching dance allowed me to meet the most AMAZING people, with the most INCREDIBLE stories. Students, truly gave me LIFE! Worldwide. Thank you <3


Now… it’s SHOWTIME!

Time to fully focus on choreography & dance storytelling.


Weekly dancehall classes & workshops will STOP on 31st MAY 2018.

Let’s make these last 3 months a CELEBRATION 🙂

Wanna see everyone pop in the studio at least once between now and 31st MAY!


Thank you for reading, for all the love and all the support <3

I am ready to take off and fly…

Looking forward to connect with y’all artistically on a whole new – FOCUSSED – dimension,