Frequent Asked Questions

Organisations & Businesses

ask questions about team building workshops

What’s the best team building activity for businesses?

We are specialised in dance, theatre and storytelling.

We offer the following team building workshops:

  • dance
  • storytelling
  • physical theatre
  • improv comedy
  • meditation & creative journaling
  • creative writing

All workshops enhance communication skills and create a safe space for creative juices to flow.

All sessions nurture participants confidence.  The collaborative process within the team is re-energized.

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Can you run a dynamic creativity retreat for business teams?

Yes, our Dymanic Creativity Retreats are fully curated programs including dance, theatre, storytelling, creative writing and meditation.

Retreats are more than a one-off team building workshop. These programs can be organised for one or several days and really immerse your team within a collaborative and creative environment.

We can tailor a unique retreat based on the needs of your team and your organisation.

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How can we book Cindy as a public speaker?

Yes, Cindy is your woman to share great stories, inspiration and positivity on the mic!

If you’d like Cindy to be a part of a panel discussion, please email us with more information about:

  • topic and brief of the panel discussion
  • number of guest speakers
  • your audience / context of the event
  • date / time / location

If you’d like to book Cindy as a keynote speaker, please forward us the following information:

  • preferred topic
  • your audience
  • your event
  • length of talk
  • date / time / location

More information about Cindy as a public speaker – click here

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We are a non-for-profit, do you do discounts or pro bono work?

Yes, we want to support talents globally and we understand that small dance companies and charities might not have the financial means to pay the full price.

For international small companies, we have added special dates in the calendar.

When Cindy is visiting a city / country, she can accept additional bookings, which allows you to only pay for her artistic fee, exclusive of flight /transport and/or accommodation / per diems.

So many students are hungry to train with international guest teachers but flights / accommodation might be expensive costs. Check the calendar, we might be visiting your city during the year.

We also offer a limited amount of days /hours of pro bono work each year for charities. When possible, we happily accept to deliver our services free of charge. For example: fundraising events for a good cause.

Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss this further.

When contacting us for discounts or pro bono work, we ask organisations to:

  • demonstrate their event will benefit others and make a difference in the world in some way, shape or form
  • submit prove that they don’t have the financial means to pay for the full price of the services offered

* We condemn and disapprove of businesses who are taking advantage of artists. Our production company has a strict policy in regards to artists’ fees, we highly value artists’ salaries and expertise.

* While we want to make a global impact and make this world a better world, unfortunately we can not help every good cause at a discounted price. We make a limited amount of days and hours available each year to support causes we believe in, and warmly accept applications. Not all will be successful.

Individuals & Artists

ask questions about workshops

I am a beginner, which workshops can I attend?

We welcome beginners in all our creativity retreats, no previous experience is required.

Check out the Calendar for upcoming dates – click here

The aim of the creativity retreats is to try something new, challenge our habits, and throw ourselves into new unknown territory.

Creativity retreats include dance, theatre, creative writing, storytelling, improv comedy and meditation.

We create a safe space for people to enjoy this creative journey.

Am I "experienced enough" to attend the dance storytelling workshops?

The Dance Storytelling workshops, organised both in the UK and internationally, are generally aimed at intermediate / advanced and pro students.

However some of our Physical Theatre workshops are open to all levels. Please check specific info advertised for each event.

You must have an understanding of your dance technique and movement quality. The workshops are open to ALL styles.

Check out the calendar for upcoming events – click here

For pro and advanced workshops, participants must be proficient in their own field. For example, students must be at ease with learning a choreographed sequence as well as with improvisation / freestyle. Participants must have an open mind, a hunger for exploration and enjoy creative challenges.

More information about the workshops for intermediate / advanced / pro’s – click here

More information about the international professional development programs – click here


The Creativity Retreats welcome ALL levels, BEGINNERS INCLUDED.

The dance storytelling workshops in the Creativity Retreats allow people from all walks of life to enhance their storytelling skills, and apply the learnings to all areas of life.

Which dance styles are covered in the workshops and retreats?

Cindy has a background in Dancehall, Hiphop and Krump. She also fell in love with Afrobeats and Salsa. Her training as a performer lead her to also gain an understanding of Contemporary Dance, House and even Aerial (Bungee).

While she doesn’t teach dance technique classes anymore, her workshops are very rooted in dance and the exploration of movement.

During the Creativity Retreats, Cindy will teach and refer to some Dancehall / Hiphop / Krump moves. But the aim of the retreats are to leave a lot of freedom for participants to find their own creative voice.

The workshops for pro’s and dance storytelling sessions are based on the techniques used in storytelling. Participants won’t learn a specific dance technique. Each student can use their own expertise and movement quality to explore storytelling and comedy and character work during the workshop.

Check out the calendar for upcoming workshops and retreats – click here

Are there any weekly classes I can go to?

Read the blog about Cindy’s announcement to retire as a dance teacher – click here

I am a public speaker, can you help?

Yes, Cindy can give you personalised coaching.

She can help you with:

  • content
  • delivery

Cindy is specialised in storytelling. She has helped public speakers to re-write their content transforming a simple concept into a compelling story.

She has coached many people, including singers and public speakers, to feel at ease on the stage.

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I am an artist and want to learn how to choreograph my own shows, can you help?

Yes, there are 3 programs you can get involved with:

I am a singer, I need a coach for my stage presence, can you help?

Yes, Cindy has been coaching singers through 1to1 private sessions.

Cindy is specialised in creativity, theatre and dance. Her background allows her to have a wide understanding stage presence and performance qualities.

Cindy can help you with the creation of intricate choreography as well as general movement coaching.

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