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Cindy Claes Productions’ vision is to empower 1000 dance leaders across the world.

Our international dance exchange programs are not called 1000 Pieces Puzzle for nothing!

Artists need 1000 pieces to see the full picture of their purpose, 1000 pieces of knowledge and 1000 tools to make their careers work. We offer them choreographic, artistic and management training so they are ready to take over the world. Every international exchange is a leadership program to support emerging dancers to embrace their full potential and set up their own projects.

Cindy Claes Productions also aims for the 1000 rippling effect… empowering 1000 leaders, who will impact 1000 audience members, who will benefit 1000 others, etc.

Your donations will support dancers, emerging choreographers, and artists to take part and benefit from our international dance theatre exchange programs!!

We believe that empowering Artists of the world nurtures Citizens of the world, a mindset that leads to peace and togetherness. Investing in the leaders of tomorrow is investing in the happiness and joyful future of all our societies as a whole.

So far, Cindy Claes Productions has been able to engage, work, and collaborate with more than 120 dancers accross the globe since 2010. Countries include Belgium, the UK, Jamaica and Los Angeles.  We have worked with Krump dancers, Hiphop dancers, Dancehall dancers, Afrobeats practicionners and House lovers, and artists passionate about African Dance techniques.

How will we use your donations?

Cindy Claes Productions is a small company that has made big impacts, worldwide!

Donations will help us cover various costs:

  • working with producers to ensure that all legal aspects of the international exchanges are covered. We are working with countries which might require artists to apply for specific visa’s for example. Information in regards to visa procedures can be overwhelming and we want both the company and our participants to be empowered.
  • visa costs for the participants
  • travel / flights, accomodation and per diems for future participants
  • research and networking trips to set up future exchanges. Street dancers in each country face different challenges. For example, in some cultures they become parents at an early age, in other countries dancers are too poor to pay for their bus fares to attend the training, etc. In-depth research must be lead beforehand to ensure the success of the program. Networking trips ensure we are working with local oganizations to ensure we reach the street dancers who lack access to opportunities, and also to ensure we have an action plan to support dancers long term in their development.
  • artistic fees of guest teachers to deliver high quality training programs

Please note that every exchange so far has been made possible with the support of various funding pots such as Arts Council England and Erasmus+ for example. Cindy Claes Productions is growing as a company. Funding bodies often require us to find additional income, or private donations in order to support our artistic adventures. Your donations are therefore extremely important.

At this stage, Jamaica, Los Angeles, Belgium and the UK are a priority, and countries we have nurtured relationships with over many years. However we are also having conversations with other countries and we aim to break down the walls of bureaucracy and fundings across the globe!!

Even though 1000 Pieces Puzzle is rising in reputation and is attracting more excitement from people with decision power, the process of setting up such projects can be slow.

We promise that every penny of your donations will be spent to elevate dance leaders accross the world, and that all donations will be put at use to benefit all.

Why are international exchanges important, and why does it unleash the leader we have within?

Click here to read an article written by Cindy Claes and published by Hot Foot Magazine on international artistic travels and why these are so important.

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