Di Baddest from Mad Cobra – Dancehall class choreo

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Here is one of my latest choreos I taught in class.  This beat from Mad Cobra: “Di Baddest” has just such contagious energy, I couldn’t resist but to choreograph on it.  It’s summer time, the weather is hot and the studio needs all fans on, including the air con.  I know the students are dripping sweat during class with this weather (well… no actually, my dancehall classes are always a mad work out, lol!).  But I had to bring this tune to them… NOW!  I felt inspired.  Believe me when I say they worked hard on this one!

I always break down my dancehall classes in three parts:

PART 1: technique & vocabulary – Students get to understand dancehall moves, they learn about the crews that created the steps, they learn about rythmical patterns and quality of movement that can be found accross dancehall steps.

Part 2: isolations – while part 1 mainly focusses on male dancehall steps, part 2 we look at hip movements, whining and female vocabulary. (don’t worry, I always give a set of  specific exercices for my male students to work on their isolations too, they are not being left out.)

Part 3: choreography: during the last 30min of class we look at choreography.


In this video you will see dancehall moves such as “shoota”, “ketch on” or “heel n toe”.  I was also inspired by moves such as “crusher”, “mistake” and “watch yah step”, which you will see sections of.


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Dancehall Class – Di Baddest from Mad Cobra