Dancehall Dancerz in Jamaica/Kingston – Uptown Mondayz

I just came back from a 6 weeks trip to Jamaica, supported by ADAD Trailblazers and Arts Council England. This was my third time travelling to the island.

My initial aim was to do all my ground research and create partnerships to take the “Dancehall Theatre Exchange Program” off the ground and set up this challenging but so rewarding dance project.

Before I tell you more about my love for Dancehall Theatre, let me first share with you the realness, beauty and power of a Dancehall session in the streets of Kingston.

Uptown Mondayz is my favorite night. All the crews are on fiyah… Shady Squad, Elite Team, BG Dancerz, Supreme Blazers, Black Eagles, Rifical Team… Heaven on earth for a Dancehall passionate!! The energy is mesmerising, the vybz gets you right in there, the music takes over and your body goes into trance… Hopefully this video will give you a small idea of what Uptown Mondayz is like… taking place in the parking lot of a Plaza, the dancers go up the roof, up the stairs, down the stairs, down the roof and right there… under the spotlight, the dancers are performing and showcasing their lastest steps and creations… ENJOY!!!