Workshops for Intermediate / Advanced & Pro Students

Dance Storytelling & The Narrative Arc in Dance

Cindy always had a strong interest in storytelling, character work, improv, comedy, and the narrative arc in dance. Her background in physical theatre and improv comedy nourishes her choreographic approach. She has been working in the field of Dancehall Theatre, Krump Theatre and Hiphop Theatre for 15 years.
Her professional development workshop programs has left a legacy of leadership amongst the participants. Her workshops allow artists to dream big again and clarify how artists want to contribute to society.
Her workshops are open to dance artists from ALL backgrounds and techniques. She pushes artists to find their own voice and put their higher purpose into motion.
Tools shared in these workshops will support choreographers to reflect on their creative process; and dancers to find more authenticity within their performance.
Cindy has been leading workshops internationally: Los Angeles, Venezuela, Jamaica, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg, etc.
Who are these workshops for?
Emerging artists, professionals, intermediate and advanced students.