Cindy Claes (photo by Irven Lewis)

This is me!

I am an artist wearing many hats: Choreographer & Director, Dancer & Actress, Dance-storyteller & Playwright, Researcher, Dance Coach, Teacher & Mentor.

Born and raised in Belgium, I moved to London on 6th June 2005.

I left Belgium and arrived in London with 2 suitcases in hands. I followed a dream and listened to my gut. However I had no clue what the future was going to be made of. I had no laptop, no iPod, no TV, just a pair of trainers and a vision. Didn’t speak english very well, couldn’t understand any voicemail (a real nightmare when you looking for a job!). I barely knew one or two people in the city, and nobody knew me that’s for sure!

8 years later… what a journey! Today I am proud to say that I travelled (a lot!), I am an ADAD Trailblazer, I got my first GFA Arts Council England, did a full lenght production “Voices in The Alleyway”, and on top of being a choreographer I can call myself a young emerging playwright. I met amazing supportive people, and I am surrounded by love. And all of this is just and only the beginning… From a little belgian town to… the world!!!

Always believe in your dreams, don’t you ever dare giving up! The world is waiting for your talent to be shared, the universe needs you to shine!