Dancehall and Afro-House workshop on FRI 6th NOV

A dance workshop to make the Dancehall, House and African Dance community go crazy!

Three hours of dance, where fun, smiles and energy is guaranteed!

Both Sheila and Cindy have made prints on the scene and are very excited to be sharing with you their passion, knowledge and know-how.  Come to have fun, improve your technique or just because you want another type of “Friday-night-out”!  Welcome to all levels.

We can’t wait to share the vibes with you in the dance studio!

Book your spot in advance on EVENTBRITE or contact Sheila / Cindy directly.

All info on the flyer below:


Fri 6th Nov collabo workshop

Dancehall Class August 2015 Schedule

Dancehall Classes – August 2015 Schedule

Dancehall lovers and dance students,

The August schedule of classes is out. Sorry for the delay, but as you, it is worth it! More Female Steps Only and Back to Old School vybz on the program!

This upcoming Tuesday, let’s whine like there is no tomorrw! From “mosquito net” to “big and nasty” or the “one drop”, ladies be ready to work out these thighs, legs and that fabulous booty!


“Female Steps Only”, two classes in June 2015!!

Ladies, our special “Female Steps Only” Dancehall classes are back! Due to to popular demand, we have 2 sessions coming up:


TUE 9th June at Studio68, 6-7.30pm

THURS 11th June at iAstudios, 7.30-9pm


Come and practice your Puppy Tail, Tempa Whine, Stylish Moves, Big and Nasty and many more!

Be fierceless, be sexy, be elegant and most of all: express your artistic self and join us in the studio to have fun!

Here are a few videos from previous “Female Steps Only” classes:







June Schedule 2015


Dancehall lovers and dance enthusiasts, I am excited to announce our class schedule for June 2015!


Due to popular demand, “Female Steps Only” is back for 2 sessions.  We will also integrate a little more of freestyling techniques into some classes because it is important to nurture this skill. Join us any time of the year as all classes are drop ins! From Old School to Dancehall Theatre… my Tue and Thurs classes are all about growth, fun, and creative explorations!


PS: Please note I am now only teaching on Tuesdayz and Thursdayz in London/UK.


General Flyer

esie mensah

International Collabo Class with Guest Teacher from Canada!

The Dancehall LAB only kicked off in January 2015 and we are excited to announce our 3rd International Collabo Class of the year (with more to come!)


International Afrobeats & Dancehall Collabo Class

Thurs 7th May, 7.30-9pm

at iAstudios


with Esie Mensah (Canada) and Cindy Claes (UK)

Here are a few videos from Esie’s work, join us for a unique training opportunity!






May Schedule 2015

Dancehall Collabos and Classes in MAY 2015 – schedule is out!

Dancehall lovers, Afrobeats lovers, African dance lovers, and dance students… the MAY schedule is out!

The Dancehall LAB hosts a collabo class EVERY WEEK of the month! Including two international collabo classes!!

From Dancehall & Body percussion to Afrobeats mix & Dancehall, you will be spoiled in training opportunities!

Join me for me TUE, WED or THURS class:


Female Steps Only – Thurs 23rd April

The Dancehall LAB presents



Thurs 23rd April, 7.30pm-9pm

at iAstudios (1-3 Brixton Rd, London SW9 6DE —> 1 min walk from Oval tube)


Ladies are you ready for this? This class is about to me craaaaazzzzyyy!!!

Let’s celebrate that female power through Dancehall!


Femlae steps only April 2015 Cindy only



Dancehall classes in April, an amazing line up!!

You want to learn more about Dancehall culture, it’s history and steps?

The month of April is giving dancehall enthusiasts an opportunity to train and develop their skills with a variety of teachers!


Classes are on every:

TUE 6-7.30pm at Studio68 (Southwark tube)

WED 8.30-10pm at Maryland Studioz (Stratford tube)

THURS 7.30-9pm at iAstudios (Oval tube)


In April, Cindy will be teaching two special Back To Old school sessions.  We also have special guest teachers such as Judith Palmer, Shelaine and international guest Vendela Blackout from Sweden / NYC.


Each class will be an incredible opportunity for students to understand Dancehall at a deeper level, experience a variety of teaching methods and expand their knowledge of dances of the african diaspora.


All dancehall classes are drop-ins and welcome all levels!


Vendela goes to Jamaica on a regular basis to train, perform and shoot music videos.  Her experience of the Dancehall scene is pure, authentic and full of passion for the culture. We are excited to have her at Badda Beats Thursdayz!


Shelaine is a Queen and she “bruk out”!!!!!! When she see Shelain in action inna di Dancehall, you just step aside!  Be ready for rather crazy a Female Steps Only collabo class!!!




Judith is from Jamaican heritage, and has studied African & Caribbean dance forms in depth for almost 3 decades!!! She is an encyclopedia of knowledge and a library of know-how, her dance skills will leave you speechless!!  So you think you can whine…..? Come to class!!!


Judith Palmer special guest April 2015



Dance like nobody is watching!

After an incredible collabo workshop with Sir Ledgen at Studio68 last night, we are going ahead with some “Female Steps Only” classes for the rest of the week.

Ladies, come and whine it, drop it, shake it, like nobody is watching! The female dancehall vocabulary is rich, powerful, cheeky, sexy, strong and creative. Come and learn more about technique, culture, all in an environment where self-expression, freedom and individuality is valued!




WED 25th MARCH 8.30-10pm 
at Maryland Studioz (Stratford tube)

THURS 26th MARCH 7.30-9pm 
at iAstudios (Oval tube)
£8 / £7**

FEMALE STEPS ONLY flyer March 2015


Wanna see videos from some previous Female Steps Only Classes?