International teachers coming to London!

Dance Backpackers’ TV and Cindy Claes Productions, supported by East London Dance,

are proud to present an international DANCEHALL & KRUMP workshop


6pm – 10pm

at Stratford Circus




Kimiko, straight outta Jamaica; and Krucial aka Queen Weapon, straight outta Los Angeles, will be sharing knowledge, technique and a piece of their artistic life journeys with us for one whole evening.

Kimiko has toured the world as an ambassador for Dancehall culture. She trained in traditional Jamaican folk dance forms, is a member of the DanceJA movement, and is a powerful female leader in the Dancehall industry.




Krucial is a passionate artivist. Co-chair of Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles, she has been dedicated to use dance as a tool for social change. She has toured the US with the documentary Stand, doing leadership and education work amongst the community.




Workshops are open to all levels, from beginners to advanced (16+).

MON 20th FEB

6pm – 6.30pm: Registrations & jam

6.30pm – 7.15pm: Cultural Panel discussion on Dancehall & Krump

7.15pm – 8.30pm: Krump with Krucial aka Queen Weapon (Los Angeles)

8.30pm – 9.45pm: Dancehall with Kimiko (Jamaica)



Dancehall Class August 2015 Schedule

Dancehall Classes – August 2015 Schedule

Dancehall lovers and dance students,

The August schedule of classes is out. Sorry for the delay, but as you, it is worth it! More Female Steps Only and Back to Old School vybz on the program!

This upcoming Tuesday, let’s whine like there is no tomorrw! From “mosquito net” to “big and nasty” or the “one drop”, ladies be ready to work out these thighs, legs and that fabulous booty!


“Female Steps Only”, two classes in June 2015!!

Ladies, our special “Female Steps Only” Dancehall classes are back! Due to to popular demand, we have 2 sessions coming up:


TUE 9th June at Studio68, 6-7.30pm

THURS 11th June at iAstudios, 7.30-9pm


Come and practice your Puppy Tail, Tempa Whine, Stylish Moves, Big and Nasty and many more!

Be fierceless, be sexy, be elegant and most of all: express your artistic self and join us in the studio to have fun!

Here are a few videos from previous “Female Steps Only” classes:








Female Steps Only – 1st week of Dec 2014


Ladies, this week is our time to big up ourselves!!!

On Tue 2nd and Wed 3rd Dec, we will focus on “female steps only” during class.

The contribution of Female Dancehall dancerz to the Dancehall scene is huge.  The steps are technical, challenging, intricate and… FUN!! Come and big up your sexy self in class!!  Express yourself, shake it, whine it, drop it, like there is no tomorrow!


TUE 6.30-7pm at Studio68 (£7)

WED 8.30-10pm at Maryland Studioz (£5)


Learn Dancehall steps such as the “one drop”, “big and nasty”, “wheezy whine”, and more! Here are a few videos from previous “Female Steps Only” classes:





Dancehall Classes – **Female Steps Only**



Here is some news that will make a lot of women smile!!!



Due to popular demand, I will be teaching “Female Steps Only” once a month to celebrate the huge contribution of Female Dancers to the Dancehall scene.  Female Dancehall vocabulary is rich and vibrant. During class student will learn about technique, culture, history.

PS: For those who like a challenge and would like to learn how to do headtops (headstands), come to the Thursday class!

TUE 6-7.30pm at Studio68 (near Southwark/Waterloo station)
WED 8.30-10pm at Maryland Studioz (near Stratford)
THURS 4-5.30pm at Studio68 (near Southwark/Waterloo station)

Dancehall Dancerz in Jamaica/Kingston – Uptown Mondayz

I just came back from a 6 weeks trip to Jamaica, supported by ADAD Trailblazers and Arts Council England. This was my third time travelling to the island.

My initial aim was to do all my ground research and create partnerships to take the “Dancehall Theatre Exchange Program” off the ground and set up this challenging but so rewarding dance project.

Before I tell you more about my love for Dancehall Theatre, let me first share with you the realness, beauty and power of a Dancehall session in the streets of Kingston.

Uptown Mondayz is my favorite night. All the crews are on fiyah… Shady Squad, Elite Team, BG Dancerz, Supreme Blazers, Black Eagles, Rifical Team… Heaven on earth for a Dancehall passionate!! The energy is mesmerising, the vybz gets you right in there, the music takes over and your body goes into trance… Hopefully this video will give you a small idea of what Uptown Mondayz is like… taking place in the parking lot of a Plaza, the dancers go up the roof, up the stairs, down the stairs, down the roof and right there… under the spotlight, the dancers are performing and showcasing their lastest steps and creations… ENJOY!!!


UK Dancehall United performing at PhD

A weekend of lectures, workshops, exhibitions and showcases… most of it is free, some of the activities require a participation fee.  If you passionate about Hiphop, this is an event not to be missed with Elite Force Crew (USA) as international guests!

On top of the many Hiphop experiences, we have a treat for you: #UKDancehallUnited !!!  A showcase choreographed by myself and Andrea Queens, featuring some of our regular #BigUpWednesdayz students!  We will also teach a taster workshop afterwards, so bring your dance gear, leggings, batty riders and your smiling dancing souls!

We are performing on SAT 2nd NOV, check out the PhD website for more info: