Collabo Class TUE 25th NOV


Jazz-Fusion & Dancehall

Dominic-Lawrence and Cindy Claes

TUE 25th NOV


at Studio68



Dominic-Lawrence is a choreographer who has developped an intricate dance vocabulary influenced by Jazz, African Dance, Hiphop and more.  We are joining forces and creative minds to bring you a mindblowing class on TUE 25th NOV 6-7.30pm at Studio68!!!


Dancehall Classes – **Female Steps Only**



Here is some news that will make a lot of women smile!!!



Due to popular demand, I will be teaching “Female Steps Only” once a month to celebrate the huge contribution of Female Dancers to the Dancehall scene.  Female Dancehall vocabulary is rich and vibrant. During class student will learn about technique, culture, history.

PS: For those who like a challenge and would like to learn how to do headtops (headstands), come to the Thursday class!

TUE 6-7.30pm at Studio68 (near Southwark/Waterloo station)
WED 8.30-10pm at Maryland Studioz (near Stratford)
THURS 4-5.30pm at Studio68 (near Southwark/Waterloo station)

Students’ Showcase coming up soon (FRI 5th SEPT)

Dear dance lovers, dancers and students,

We have an exciting Student Showcase coming up!

Felicia, regular student in class and also an intern for Cindy Claes Productions, has decided to make the leap and follow her dreams. After studying engineering and having had a fulltime 9-5 job in London, Felicia has decided to make from dance her career. She recently auditioned for STUDIO MRG in Paris and was successfully accepted on their training program and company. She is leaving London for 9 months to work and train with top choreographers in Paris. She is organising a fundraiser to help her cover costs of the tuition fee.

My students will have the opportunity to perform on that night. Many are regulars in class and have been working hard in the studio. Time has come to celebrate on stage what they have achieved after months/years of sweat. Others are new to class and want to experience the adreline we get when dancing in front of an audience. All are welcome to perform! Contact me now and express your interest!

I invite you all to come and join us on


If you are a student that comes to class and you want to perform, please drop me a line! Come to class as often as possible between now and 5th Sept to learn all the material we will use for the showcase. An additional rehearsal will be organised the night before, on THURS 4th SEPT. Send me your contact details and you will receive private video links to rehearse.

If you are a dance enthusiast, join us to come and see the show! We will be part of a wider line up of artists supporting this fundraising event and I promise you will have loads of fun!

Have a great day!


COLLABO CLASS! Dancehall meets Jazz-Fusion

Dancehall lovers, Jazz-Fusion lovers, fellow dancers, experimental people, I have very exciting news for you:

Thurs 28th Aug
at Studio68

This is a one-off workshop where you will work on technique & groove. Carribean vybz, african drums, jazz feelings, whining, ondulations and strong elongated legs… this class is going to challenge you sor sure!

Both artists are resident teachers at Studio68, their creative minds met and the idea of a collaboration became a must.

Put the date down in your diaries, make sure you leave work early on that day, or take the whole day off!

Excited about this? Spread the word!

Di Baddest from Mad Cobra – Dancehall class choreo

Hi there!

Here is one of my latest choreos I taught in class.  This beat from Mad Cobra: “Di Baddest” has just such contagious energy, I couldn’t resist but to choreograph on it.  It’s summer time, the weather is hot and the studio needs all fans on, including the air con.  I know the students are dripping sweat during class with this weather (well… no actually, my dancehall classes are always a mad work out, lol!).  But I had to bring this tune to them… NOW!  I felt inspired.  Believe me when I say they worked hard on this one!

I always break down my dancehall classes in three parts:

PART 1: technique & vocabulary – Students get to understand dancehall moves, they learn about the crews that created the steps, they learn about rythmical patterns and quality of movement that can be found accross dancehall steps.

Part 2: isolations – while part 1 mainly focusses on male dancehall steps, part 2 we look at hip movements, whining and female vocabulary. (don’t worry, I always give a set of  specific exercices for my male students to work on their isolations too, they are not being left out.)

Part 3: choreography: during the last 30min of class we look at choreography.


In this video you will see dancehall moves such as “shoota”, “ketch on” or “heel n toe”.  I was also inspired by moves such as “crusher”, “mistake” and “watch yah step”, which you will see sections of.


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Dancehall Class – Di Baddest from Mad Cobra



Nobody has to know from Kranium – Dancehall class choreography

Hi Dancehall lovers!

I’m sure you all know this tune… sweet, warm, tender, it just brings you into another world.  This song has been out for a while now, and I wanted to choreograph on it for ages…  I was just waiting for the right moment.

A couple of weeks ago the heat took over London city.  The sun was burning hot, the weather just refused to cool down, and I knew class would be absolutelly packed.  Nothing better than a groovy tune, where people would not sweat their socks of but where students would truly take time to feel the music and the groove…

Here is a small section of what we did in class.  I wanted the choreo to have a little bit of an old school flavour… so on top of some more new school dancehall steps such as “badda wave”, “watch yah step”, “mistake”, “now you see me now you don’t” or “follow through”, you will also see old school moves such as “rock steady”, “butterfly”, and “boasy bounce”.  Despite using a majority of male vocabulary, I choose to perform it with two of my female dancers for the video, who are giving a true elegant and feminine energy to the choreography… My male dancers in the room performed it with a totally different energy, which was mad too though!


Here is a little extract of what we did in class:

Dancehall Class – Nobody has to know from Kranium


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Old School Dancehall Class with Cindy Claes

Here is a short extract of a “special one-off old school” dancehall class I have been teaching.  My students are hungry for knowledge and understanding about the culture as a whole.  During my recent trip to Jamaica, I took private classes with John Bling (the creator of Tek Weh Yahself, probably the most renown step that took over the world!).  He was such an inspirational teacher, actually… my conversations with him changed my artistic life!  I wanted to share with my students my years of research and also, what I had recently been taught by John Bling.


Hope you enjoy the video!



Special one-off Dancehall sessions in MAY focussing on… ….

The month of May is loaded with exciting Dancehall classes. Students requested to focus and work on specific areas such as female moves and old school… so here it is!!!! I have also been asked to start additionnal classes during the day… All your wishes have been fulfilled!!!

We will start an afternoon class on Thursdays, starting 29th May.

Make sure you join for our special “female moves only” sessions and our “old school” sessions this month and… spread the word!!