Free dancehall class at Studio68

Win a FREE Dancehall class this week!

Let’s get ready for Carnival!

London’s Notting Hill Carnival is an event renown around the world! What could be better than a FREE Dancehall class to be ready to party and jam in the streets on our upcoming bank holiday?

How can you win a free class? Easy! Follow the instructions on the flyers:

Who will be my VIP guest on Tue 25th Aug 6-7.30pm at Studio68?

The winner will be announced on Facebook on Mon 24th Aug at 10pm.


Who will be my VIP guest on Thurs 27th Aug 7.30-9pm at iAstudios?

Winner will be announced on Facebook Wed 26th Aug at 10pm.

** Please note that Thurs 27th Aug is a special “Female Steps Only” class!









Additional Class just for this weekend!

Do you need a bit more “Female Steps Only” in your life?

Wanna whine and shake that booty like there is no tomorrow?

OH YES, I feel yah!

Good news: I will be teaching a special one-off class this weekend:

Sat 15th Aug, 3-4.30pm at iAstudios

Because it’s a special workshop, we will be focussing on Dancehall Female Steps Only, and explore it choreographically with a fusion of Afro-vybz.

Let’s be creative, let’s be feminine, let’s be wild, let’s be fully self-expressed this weekend!!

I can’t wait to see all the Dancehall and Afrobeats enthusiasts, both tonight for my weekly class, and Saturday for a special weekend vibe!


Sat class covering for Lesley V2.001


Dancehall Class August 2015 Schedule

Dancehall Classes – August 2015 Schedule

Dancehall lovers and dance students,

The August schedule of classes is out. Sorry for the delay, but as you, it is worth it! More Female Steps Only and Back to Old School vybz on the program!

This upcoming Tuesday, let’s whine like there is no tomorrw! From “mosquito net” to “big and nasty” or the “one drop”, ladies be ready to work out these thighs, legs and that fabulous booty!


Female Steps Only July 2015 jpeg

It’s ladies time again!

Ladies! It’s time to have a “Female Steps Only” Dancehall class again! Oh yes, let’s shake up that booty, do the one drop and whine like there is no tomorrow!

This week we will look at the technique, the vocabulary and the rich legacy left by female dancehall dancers.

In the Dancehall, all women are beautiful, sexy and powerful. Self-expression and individuality is key.

The “Female Steps Only” sessions are just an amazing class to connect with our powerful feminine self, and a reminder to celebrate our bodies and ourselves as beautiful Queens and Godesses.

Join us in the studio this week on Tue or Thurs!





July 2015 – Class Schedule

Ladies and gentlemen, the schedule for July is out!

I will be travelling out of the country for a few weeks, and a program of eclectic training is awaiting for you! You will be training with “la creme de la creme” during my absence, make sure you reach and expand yourself creatively!

I will be back end of July and due to popular demand… we will host a week of female steps only classes!



Back to Old School June jpeg

Back to Old School is on this week!!

Nothing better than to listen to those music tracks that trigger memories and so many positive emotions! From Chaka Demus to some Elephant Man hits, this TUE 23rd JUNE, class is all about OLD SCHOOL Dancehall moves!!

A few weeks ago, I had the priviledge to teach Dancehall Theatre workshops in Venezuela (project organised by the British Council).  I was working alongside Professor Orville Hall (Jamaica) who was teaching Dancehall workshops (from Old School to New School) and lectures.

It was such a powerful and emotional week in Caracas! The young people were incredibly hungry for knowledge, but I, also, was able to further and deepen my own research on Dancehall culture.

Orville reminded us all how sacred each move in Dancehall is, how the dance tells the story of the people, how the culture is embedded in the struggle and how all of us teachers have a huge responsibility when passing on that knowledge.

I can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday. I will deliver this Old School class to the best of my abilities, staying as true and authentic to the culture and the moves as I can, remembering Orville’s wise words with each step and story.




at Studio68 (near Southwark or Waterloo Tube station)



Check out some videos below:



“Female Steps Only”, two classes in June 2015!!

Ladies, our special “Female Steps Only” Dancehall classes are back! Due to to popular demand, we have 2 sessions coming up:


TUE 9th June at Studio68, 6-7.30pm

THURS 11th June at iAstudios, 7.30-9pm


Come and practice your Puppy Tail, Tempa Whine, Stylish Moves, Big and Nasty and many more!

Be fierceless, be sexy, be elegant and most of all: express your artistic self and join us in the studio to have fun!

Here are a few videos from previous “Female Steps Only” classes:







June Schedule 2015


Dancehall lovers and dance enthusiasts, I am excited to announce our class schedule for June 2015!


Due to popular demand, “Female Steps Only” is back for 2 sessions.  We will also integrate a little more of freestyling techniques into some classes because it is important to nurture this skill. Join us any time of the year as all classes are drop ins! From Old School to Dancehall Theatre… my Tue and Thurs classes are all about growth, fun, and creative explorations!


PS: Please note I am now only teaching on Tuesdayz and Thursdayz in London/UK.


General Flyer

esie mensah

International Collabo Class with Guest Teacher from Canada!

The Dancehall LAB only kicked off in January 2015 and we are excited to announce our 3rd International Collabo Class of the year (with more to come!)


International Afrobeats & Dancehall Collabo Class

Thurs 7th May, 7.30-9pm

at iAstudios


with Esie Mensah (Canada) and Cindy Claes (UK)

Here are a few videos from Esie’s work, join us for a unique training opportunity!






May Schedule 2015

Dancehall Collabos and Classes in MAY 2015 – schedule is out!

Dancehall lovers, Afrobeats lovers, African dance lovers, and dance students… the MAY schedule is out!

The Dancehall LAB hosts a collabo class EVERY WEEK of the month! Including two international collabo classes!!

From Dancehall & Body percussion to Afrobeats mix & Dancehall, you will be spoiled in training opportunities!

Join me for me TUE, WED or THURS class: