International teachers coming to London!

Dance Backpackers’ TV and Cindy Claes Productions, supported by East London Dance,

are proud to present an international DANCEHALL & KRUMP workshop


6pm – 10pm

at Stratford Circus




Kimiko, straight outta Jamaica; and Krucial aka Queen Weapon, straight outta Los Angeles, will be sharing knowledge, technique and a piece of their artistic life journeys with us for one whole evening.

Kimiko has toured the world as an ambassador for Dancehall culture. She trained in traditional Jamaican folk dance forms, is a member of the DanceJA movement, and is a powerful female leader in the Dancehall industry.




Krucial is a passionate artivist. Co-chair of Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles, she has been dedicated to use dance as a tool for social change. She has toured the US with the documentary Stand, doing leadership and education work amongst the community.




Workshops are open to all levels, from beginners to advanced (16+).

MON 20th FEB

6pm – 6.30pm: Registrations & jam

6.30pm – 7.15pm: Cultural Panel discussion on Dancehall & Krump

7.15pm – 8.30pm: Krump with Krucial aka Queen Weapon (Los Angeles)

8.30pm – 9.45pm: Dancehall with Kimiko (Jamaica)



Dancehall classes on Tuesdays

Hi Dancehall lovers and students,

2017 is again a Dancehall year! Classes have started again, and we are sharing energy on the dancefloor as usual every TUE 6-7.30pm at Studio68 (Waterloo / Southwark tube stations).

Classes are £8, no need to book in advance, just pay at reception. It is a drop-in class, so no worries if you miss a week, you will be able to catch up as soon as you come back.


I am also very excited to say I have been awarded an Artist International Development Fund (Arts Council England / British Council), which is supporting me to go back to Jamaica later on this year! I will be continuing my research on Dancehall culture, do a Dancehall Theatre collaboration with Kimiko Miller and expand the future vision of 1000 Pieces Puzzle overseas.


Keeping Jamaica in my heart, and feeling those Dancehall groves in my bones, here we go for another year of sweating, smiling, giggling and dancehalling!


Dancehall for Black Lives Matter

Top Up Dancehall Camp (Germany) and its founder Swaggi Maggi invited me to teach a Dancehall Theatre workshop in Berlin earlier this year.

I was extremely excited to share the power of the art form with students, many of who might have never experienced this creative process before. Half a day, that’s all I had to give them a taster of what Dancehall Theatre is / could be, train them up, give them a unique experience AND… create a show! Students were to perform a short extract of the work the day Battles were to take place.

For a very long time I was trying to prepare my class, having too many ideas… I thought to introduce them to some fun stuffs, explore suspense and storytelling, or fiction, or comedy… until I finally came to the conclusion I should just stick to what make me wake up every morning:



I am an artist passionate about creating socio-political work. And I have been researching extensivelly the themes of mass incarceration, police brutality and the privatisation of prisons in the USA for about two years.

Top Up Dancehall Camp became a workshop and an adventure not only focussing on the possibilities of Dancehall Theatre but also the power we have as artists to be heard on topics that matter.

Here is a video from the work in progress the students presented after only a few hours of work:


We love seeing more men coming to class!

In Jamaica, women seem to be fighting to get their space back in the Dancehall. Male crews are more and predominant on the dance floor, not always easy for solo female dancers to keep their space in the Dancehall session.

In Europe, audiences seem to stereotypically think it is a dance for women…

So I am soooo happy to see that students are gaining more knowledge about Dancehall culture and to see more and more male dancers coming through the door!

Check out one of my latest classes at Studio68.

Full and updated schedule of classes and workshops, click here.



Social vibes!

My Dancehall classes are more than a dance class… it’s an empowement class, it’s a space where all feel safe to express themselves creativelly through sweat and dancehall culture.

Wanna check out what the vibes are like in class? Yes of course we learn choreography at the end of class, but the journey leading up to it is sooooo socially beautiful, powerful and intense!

Full and updated class schedule, click here.

Check out the new video link straight out of class:



Female Steps Only, Tue 5th April!

Hi Dancehall enthusiasts and Dancehall lovers,

I am super excited to announce we have a Female Steps Only Class coming up in a few days.


TUE 5th April




Time to let loose and whine like there is no tomorrow!

Here is a video from a previous Female Steps Only Dancehall class.

It is a work out, you have been warned!


Female Steps April

Dancehall and Afro-House workshop on FRI 6th NOV

A dance workshop to make the Dancehall, House and African Dance community go crazy!

Three hours of dance, where fun, smiles and energy is guaranteed!

Both Sheila and Cindy have made prints on the scene and are very excited to be sharing with you their passion, knowledge and know-how.  Come to have fun, improve your technique or just because you want another type of “Friday-night-out”!  Welcome to all levels.

We can’t wait to share the vibes with you in the dance studio!

Book your spot in advance on EVENTBRITE or contact Sheila / Cindy directly.

All info on the flyer below:


Fri 6th Nov collabo workshop

Join me on “MEET UP”!

My weekly Dancehall Classes are now on “Meetup”!

Dance classes are a way to enrich our social lives, Dancehall is a social dance form, and loads of students are creating true friendships in the studio. So let’s make our circle of happy dancers a bigger one!

We want more people having fun, working out and learning about Dancehall culture, and we hope you can support us by joining us on Meet Up and inviting your friends too.

Here is the link: Meet Up – Dancehall Classes in London



Dancehall Classes on Meet Up



Win a FREE Dancehall class this week!

Let’s get ready for Carnival!

London’s Notting Hill Carnival is an event renown around the world! What could be better than a FREE Dancehall class to be ready to party and jam in the streets on our upcoming bank holiday?

How can you win a free class? Easy! Follow the instructions on the flyers:

Free dancehall class at Studio68

Who will be my VIP guest on Tue 25th Aug 6-7.30pm at Studio68?

The winner will be announced on Facebook on Mon 24th Aug at 10pm.


Who will be my VIP guest on Thurs 27th Aug 7.30-9pm at iAstudios?

Winner will be announced on Facebook Wed 26th Aug at 10pm.

** Please note that Thurs 27th Aug is a special “Female Steps Only” class!









Additional Class just for this weekend!

Do you need a bit more “Female Steps Only” in your life?

Wanna whine and shake that booty like there is no tomorrow?

OH YES, I feel yah!

Good news: I will be teaching a special one-off class this weekend:

Sat 15th Aug, 3-4.30pm at iAstudios

Because it’s a special workshop, we will be focussing on Dancehall Female Steps Only, and explore it choreographically with a fusion of Afro-vybz.

Let’s be creative, let’s be feminine, let’s be wild, let’s be fully self-expressed this weekend!!

I can’t wait to see all the Dancehall and Afrobeats enthusiasts, both tonight for my weekly class, and Saturday for a special weekend vibe!


Sat class covering for Lesley V2.001