NEW workshop trailer!

I am currently working with my 1000 Pieces Puzzlers… and I coach them on how to move their careers forwards.

Really and truly, 1000 Pieces Puzzle is more than just a career-booster, it’s a true re-questioning of your whole like as an artist. It pushes people to articulate what they stand for as artists and how they want to show up to the world. It touches on their core values, it touches on their biggest dreams…


And while I push others to step outside of their comfort zones, I have to do exactly the same with myself. You got to live what you praise!


So, as I am in the middle of this super challenging journey of being a Jacques Lecoq student, it was about time for me to hire a videographer and shoot a video of my physical theatre workshops.


Sounds simple? Yet, it is such a challenge.


It means saying to the Universe, THIS is what my whole next chapter is about. It is fully stepping into a new identity. Even though I have been teaching this for YEARS… now the label of dance teacher is gone, and after I finish my training at School, THIS is what I want to be doing day in / day out.


This is not just shooting a new video, this is re-defining myself, preparing the future, clarifying how I want to be perceived by the outside world.


May I introduce you to…. my NEW FRESH trailer made by Moogli (video maker in Belgium)