Documentary on our Dance Theatre Exchange JA / UK!!

We are proud and excited to share with you a documentary (made by Janka Troeber) about our UK/JA  Dancehall Theatre Exchange!!!  It just got released on YouTube and the images triggered so many positive memories.


The documentary got shared all over social media.  Here is what the students and artists who participated to the program said:


“Truly blessed and thankful to have been a part of this wonderful project thanks to Cindy and her whole team ! It’s been a life changing experience! All the hard work, trainings and lessons learned will be remembered and applied forever, and we will continue fighting for projects like this !” – Marie Popovski


“So happy I got to be part of that beautiful project!I learnt so much from the incredible Cindy Claes and the super talented @shadysquad. I’ve also met true real good friends!” – Felicia Dotse


“One of the BEST experiences of my LIFE!!!” – Matthew Richard


“One of the best times in my career. Being apart of this collective, training HARD, pushing oneself,creating, sweating, rehearsing,performing, tiredness, laughter upon laughter,international exchange new friends cest stylé!!!!!!!!. Don’t judge the shabby rehearsal clothes and heads scarf and dry lips by den image weren’t a factor!! Lets do it AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!!!!!!!” – Natalie Baylie


“Sorry for my ugly, sweaty,tired faces but I completely released, pushed myself, my heart,me, just as I am and I felt the love of this family so much that this has been one the best training, crew, collaboration, memory, show, xchange, experience of my life!” – Michela Di Felice


I truly believe international dance theatre connections are incredibly life changing.  We now also have a DONATE page so you can support more artists to benefit from such training and experiences.  These projects allow artists to not only develop their performance skills but it also supported many to nurture their leadership skills.  Click here to DONATE now.


Drum rolls please…. let me introduce you to our first documentary about us taking over London and the world with Dancehall Theatre:


Internship Opportunity.001

Internship Opportunity

***Internship Opportunity with Cindy Claes Productions***

We are looking for a pro-active and passionate individual who can think on their feet, to join the team.  The internship will involve marketing, admin, video editting, blog writing, website updates and assisting on various shows, performances and educational projects.

This is a unique opportunity for an individual to be a part of the behind the scenes of a dynamic professional dance company.


4 to 7 hours / week.  Hours are flexible.

From Feb until May.


***Please note this internship is unpaid, we are offering 1-to-1 mentorring sessions to the successful candidate as well as free access to classes and events organised by Cindy Claes Productions.


How to apply?

Please send your CV and a cover letter to (with as subject line “INTERNSHIP 2015”) before Wed 21st Jan 2015.  Tell us more about your background and why you would like to work with Cindy Claes Productions.

Interviews will take place on Tue 27th and Thurs 29th Jan.


For more information about Cindy Claes Productions (international dance theatre exchanges, educational projects and performances), please visit


Happy New Year.001

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all our students and audiences who attended classes, events and shows this year!! Thank you for your smiles, your energy, your continious hunger to learn and for all your support!!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May 2015 have a loads of creative surprises and artistic blasts in store for you and your beloved ones!

Cindy Claes




All classes will start back week starting 5th Jan 2015.

For more information on venues, schedules and prices, including new classes and special workshops, please visit:


My next upcoming performance of “Time is ticking, Phone is Ringing” (solo piece) is on Monday 12th January 2015. It is a special event with renown Professor Carolyn Cooper (University of the West Indies / Jamaica). For tickets please visit the following link:




The first Dance Career Bootcamp will start on Friday 9th January 2015 at Zinnema (Brussels). This exciting professional development program and international exchange program has been set up to answer the needs of local emerging choreographers and dancers passionate about creating their own Hiphop Theatre Productions. The workshops will allow artists to develop their creative skills and learn essential management skills to take their career further.

For more information please visit:

To register, please contact


Looking for a new intern!

Cindy Claes Productions is looking for a new intern to come on board!

Creativity & enthusiasm is key!

We are currently looking for an intern who is passionate about writing.  Their main responsibility will be to write interesting, quirky, and fun blogs about the company and our events.  The candidate should be fluent in English and have a strong interest in creative writing.  This role is an exciting opportunity for people interested in marketing, journalism, creative writing and also for those who want to experience what happens behind the scenes of a professional dance company.

Other tasks will include:

  • regular updates of the website
  • documenting the company’s work through photography and film
  • marketing
  • online research
  • etc.

The internship will start end of September / early October and end mid-December.  The hours are flexible (+/- 4-5 hours/week).


Please send an “exciting and well-written” cover letter as well as your CV to before MON 15th SEPT 6pm. 

Tell us more about your previous experiences and why you would like to be an intern for Cindy Claes Productions.

Also include one or two examples of your writing (maximum 1000 words in total).  This could be a blog post, a short story, a poem, or anything else you think highlights your creative writing skills.

***Please note internships are unpaid.  All interns have access to free dance classes and training opportunities.  They also receive 1-to-1 mentoring.  The free training we offer as well as the 1-to-1 coaching sessions have allowed many emerging artists to gain confidence and expand their management and artistic skills while working with us.***

“School” – Dancehall Theatre in progress

“School” was a collaboration between Schoy and myself which we created during my last trip to Jamaica.  I organized a series of Dancehall Theatre workshops with the support of DanceJa in March 2014. The result of this artistic process and exchange was performed at “Talent Pree: Dancehall Theatre Takeover”.

“School” is still a work in progress, and I hope we will soon have the opportunity to develop the piece.

Schoy teaches every week at DanceJa amongst a line up of amazing teachers.  Check them out if you are in Kingston!



Snippet of rehearsals with the DTX Collective

“DTX COLLECTIVE” stands for “Dancehall Theatre Exchange Collective”

The project was finally set up in 2014, even though I had this vision since 2007! The idea is to nurture opportunities for artists from the UK and from Jamaica to meet and collaborate, by sharing skills or by working together creativelly.

I believe that travelling and international dance exchanges are crucial for our development as artists.

So far, the DTX Collective has been able to work with Shady Squad from Jamaica, by training with Matthew and Conray Richards intensivelly in London, and by working on a Dancehall Theatre Production at Sadler’s Wells Theatre early 2014. This is only the beginning of something bigger to come… watch out fi dis & stay tuned!


Behind the scenes – rehearsals of Cindy Claes’ new solo piece

“Time is ticking, phone is ringing” is a new Hip hop & Dancehall Theatre piece I am currently working on. A piece that questions our goal-orientated society and looks at how romance and relationships coexist in a world where professional success has become so important… I created this piece with the hope that it will create debate, raise questions and make people talk about a topic that always triggers something deeply hidden within us.

My next performance will be at the ADAD Trailblazers Showcase, on SAT 31st MAY at The Place in London.


Hope to see you there!


PuzzelB – new Hiphop Theatre show in the making…

I am now a Londoner, for sure! I spent more than 8 years in this bubbling buzzing city and I am absolutely in love with it. However something pushed me to connect back with my roots.

I am currently choreographing and directing a new Hiphop Theatre show in Brussels: PuzzelB. I am traveling 2 weekends a month to rehearse in Belgium with a cast of 8 amazing hard-working dancers. The show is supported and produced by Zinnema and Anderlecht. The performance will take place on Sat 4th and Sun 5th January 2014. For tickets & more information please visit:

PuzzelB is close to my heart for two reasons: a political/social reason and an artistic/personal reason.

I am proud to be Belgian. However what does “being Belgian” mean? Many might underestimate the political troubles my country is going through, and most people abroad don’t even know two linguistical groups (the flemish and the walloons) are either struggling to keep the country at peace, or fighting to split this multi-cultural territory in two. Brussels is the capital of Europe, yes, however… some of our politicians are gaining power, and they do not believe in that “one nation” which is Belgium, but rather envision 2 nations who have an “urge” to be separated.
Who am I in all of this? I am a mixed-race of my own country. If one day I was forced to choose a new passport (flemish or walloon?), I wouldn’t, and I could’t choose. I can just and only define myself as being Belgian. I am part of a multi-cultural mix, a nation which has under its umbrella many minorities and majorities, and it is that Picasso-kind-of-feel that makes me Belgian. I never really paid attention to it until I moved abroad. It was overseas where I was asked to define myself and my roots.
Even though I see myself as being a citizen of the world, I aspire to see my Belgian fellows to see themselves as such too. Splitting the country in two will not bring unity, peace and understanding to the world. To the contrary, it will feed the illusion of division and make people walk away from each other. I hope to see us, Belgians, and all the people of the world, evolve towards a vision where we see each other as being part of one humanity, one nation: “the world”!
PuzzelB is a Hiphop Theatre piece that stands for peace, in Belgium, and worldwide.

Secondly I want to nurture and support local Hiphop artists in Belgium. I’ve had the guts to move to the UK and I followed my dreams. I was hungry to learn and to grow artistically. Unfortunately Belgium doesn’t support Hiphop artists very much, and most of the cultural sector is starving for funds. Hiphop Theatre is a genre and a field which is still rare on the Belgian scene, and certainly under-appreciated by the authorities.
I feel privileged to now be a Londoner. London, the UK, gave me access to professional development and so many experiences I could have never dreamed of in my own country. The UK shaped me as an artist and I owe London very much for all my artistic achievements. I hope the UK will see the gold and the diamonds they have created amongst their artists along the years. I hope they will keep funding the arts the way they do it now. They are currently a true example for Europe and the world, on how artists, when appreciated and supported, contribute immensely to the well-being of society.
I don’t want the experiences and knowledge I gathered over those 8 years to just serve myself. I want my mistakes and successes to benefit others. I want to give other Hiphop artists to discover the beauty of Hiphop Theatre and unleash the power they have within themselves.
PuzzelB is not just a show, but it is also a platform for professional development. The project aims to empower 8 emerging leaders within the dance sector in Belgium in order to give Hiphop Theatre and dance artists more visibility and appreciation in the future.

Spread the word and come and see the show!

SAT 4th and SUN 5th JAN 2014
PuzzelB, a Hiphop Theatre show
at Zinnema, Brussels, Belgium

Cindy Claes

School Fi Wifey – Dancehall Theatre

I have recently been commissioned by Midland Actors Theatre to make a Jamaican Dancehall re-adaptation of a Moliere classic!!

If you don’t know Moliere, he was a famous French playwright and actor from the 17th century. He criticised the way women were treated during these times and wrote a play “The School For Wives” to make audiences think.

Writing this play has been an incredible journey of growth in terms of my artistic practice as a writer, a dance storyteller and a director. Working with a cast speaking patois added so much sparkle and depth to my research on jamaican culture! I feel truly grateful this opportunity has been given to me!

We will organise two informal sharings of the work in progress:

Thurs 3rd Oct – London
Fri 4th Oct – Birmingham

The event is free to attend but is by invitation only. Please contact me directly if you are interested in seeing a special kind of Theatre!  Only a few places will be released for general public to be part of our test audience. Complete the Contact form