The Dancehall LAB as part of Badda Beats Thursdayz, is all about exploring Dancehall within a larger realm of possibilities.


From Dancehall freestyle to Dancehal Theatre to Dancehall Collabo Classes, The Dancehall LAB is a UNIQUE weeky event happening in London.




Join us every Thursday at Husky Studios:

7-8.30pm The Dancehall LAB (with CINDY & GUESTS)

8.30-10pm Afro-Beats Fusion (with GOP Dancerz)

£8/class or £12 for the whole evening!



You can now also book for our Collabo Class series online!!!!

Dancehall + House (with Caramel Soldier) – 19th Feb
Dancehall + Acting for dancers (with Gbemisola Ikumelo) – 26th Feb
Dancehall + Dancehall (with DHK Shortman) – 5th March
Dancehall + Afro-Beats (with Verona) – 19th March
Dancehall + “Female Steps Only” (with Shelaine Prince) – 23rd April



The Dancehall LAB – Freestyle Class

The Dancehall LAB series for February are in full swing!!


On Thurs 12th February, 7-8.30pm, at Husky Studios, we are about to explore the power of DANCEHALL FREESTYLING TECHNIQUES!!!

Do you want to be able to feel free, self expressed and dance like nobody is watching when you out clubbing?

Do you want to be confident showing off your skills at an audition?

Do you want to enter a battle?


Whatever your motivation and aspirations, these freestyling classes are a BLAST!

The basics of dancing, Dancehall and any street dance genre is: freestyle.  But now that many people are  being introduced to dance in a studio and not per se in the street or in the club, dance students are lacking confidence when it comes to free styling.  Time to work on your skills!  Yes, we can learn how to freestyle too!


Come and develop your freestyling skills in a safe and fun atmosphere! 



The Dancehall LAB & our first Badda Beats Thursdayz’ night!

Badda Beats Thursdayz has finally lauched!  Students have been waiting for their Christmas presents for a few weeks now, and the afro-carribean vibes finally took over Husky Studios last week!!


During the first Dancehall LAB, we worked on a choreo concept.


I used to play the piano when I was a teenager and I have decided to put my hands back on to the keyboard in 2015!  It will be a journey of trials and frustrations as I will have to start from scratch, my fingers haven’t worked out on a piano for 15 years now, but I am ready for the challenge!  The music I choose for the Dancehall choreo concept was the vibe I was into when I used to play piano… hope you enjoy it!


Here is the beautiful track we worked on.  I will lead another choreo concept class on the same track last week of January! Let’s brush up our performance skills and enter another world…




Thursdayz is a real work out as most students (and including the teachers team!) do both classes.  From Dancehall to Afro-Beats, myself and GOP Dancers feel blessed we can share the love for the art forms with a community that keeps growing, more and more!  Share our promo video for the class, Badda Beats Thursdayz is the hottest evening in town!