1000 Pieces Puzzle is back!

1000 Pieces Puzzle is back!

My flagship program, a professional development platform for dancers and choreographers, is coming back in 2019!

**INFO on the previous editions – click here




BELGIUM and PORTUGAL, here we come!

Calling all dancers from the Hiphop, Dancehall, Afrobeats, House and Krump communities to apply!!

The program offers dance theatre workshops with incredible  theatre directors and renown choreographers, as well as management sessions.

15 Belgian dancers and 15 Portugese dancers will have have the opportunity to collaborate together.

You must send in your application before mid January, and the project is happening in March-April 2019.


Belgian dancers – click here to apply

Belgian dancers must commit to a 6 week-end transformational program (from 15 March until 27 April).

In addition to a week intensive in Portugal (16 April – 22 April)

Portugese dancers – click here to apply

The week intensive in Portugal is will take place in Torres Veda 16 April – 22 April

Deadline to apply: 15th JANUARY 2019


I must give a huge shout out to Zinnema, my partner in crime and the most innovative arts centre, who has been supporting this project since 2015!! We are also very excited to collaborate this year with Perform Act in Portugal.