Hello from Cindy Claes


Cindy Claes Productions’ is a Storytelling Production house. We tell stories through dance, theatre and film.

The company specialises in helping companies, organisations and individuals to tell share their story and their message with the world in a creative way.

Our mission is to create artistic earthquakes, with rippling effects of well-being. The company uses dance and theatre to nurture confidence, happiness, joy and leadership.

Cindy’s mantra is that reality starts with a dream. Through the arts, she encourages all to dream big and take actions upon their dreams. Her workshops  and international dance exchanges aims to support individuals to blossom and embrace their full potential as human beings.

The company’s dance theatre work aim to create empowering social interactions. Performances, bring people together, generate healthy debates, raise awareness, and encourage all to embrace our powerful roles as citizens of the world a.k.a. artists of the world.