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This is the number #1 site for everything Dancehall, Krumping and Hip hop Theatre related!  Check out our energetic Dancehall dance classes in London, our unique Hip-Hop/Dancehall Theatre Productions and news in regards to our latest international Dance Theatre Projects.

Dancehall Theatre and Hip hop Theatre Productions

Cindy Claes Productions has gained national and international acclaim through their groundbreaking work. Cindy’s aim is to continue exploring Krumping, HIp hop and Dancehall in Theatre, telling electrifying stories through dance. Find the highlights of those achievements  in this section, including stories from Los Angeles to Jamaica to Belgium and to the UK.

Dancehall Classes

You love Dancehall and are looking for classes in London? We have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings, in South and Central London.  All levels welcome, no need to book in advance.  Join us in the studio now for some amazing Jamaican vybz!  Find out more about our weekly dancehall dance classes and the full schedule here. Catch up with all the latest dancehall classes news, watch our recent video clips and choreos, check out the latest instagram pictures of people dancing hard and enjoying themselves. Any questions you may have about the class can be found here too.

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Dancehall Theatre in Germany

Dancehall for Black Lives Matter

Top Up Dancehall Camp (Germany) and its founder Swaggi Maggi invited me to teach a Dancehall Theatre workshop in Berlin earlier this year. I was extremely excited to share the power of the art form with students, many of who might have never experienced this creative process before. Half a day, that’s all I had […]

Featured Article:

The dangers of traveling alone as a female dancer - jasoldiers

The “dangers” of traveling alone as a female dancer…

Many have warned me, many have feared for me, many dissuaded me to even think or dream of going to places like Kingston, South Los Angeles, Niger…. AND…………….. What happened to me?? Absolutely nothing!! I am a caucasian white female dancer.   I am in my early thirties but I look like an innocent teenager […]

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When OM goes wrong

I can mess around quite a bit in the studio, new ideas and concepts…
studio68 flyer

We love seeing more men coming to class!

In Jamaica, women seem to be fighting to get their space back…
studio68 flyer

Social vibes!

My Dancehall classes are more than a dance class... it's an empowement…
Lao Ra

Choreographer for Music Video

Just before the summer I was choreographing and coaching singer…
Theatre Madness

Faith Drama Productions had their 10 years anniversary!

Apologies, it seems to be a while since I updated the blog! Hope…
Female Steps April

Female Steps Only, Tue 5th April!

Hi Dancehall enthusiasts and Dancehall lovers, I am super…
FB flyer dance documentary filmmaker.001

Looking for Dance Documentary Filmmaker

Cindy Claes Productions is looking for a Documentary Filmmaker…

"Yes, you can!"

When scrolling down some social media platforms this morning…
Instagram Flyer
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UK Travelscholarschips available for "1000 Pieces Puzzle"

1000 Pieces Puzzle is an international dance exchange programme presented…
, , , ,

"1000 Pieces Puzzle" - Are you a leader?

"1000 Pieces Puzzle" - INTERNATIONAL DANCE EXCHANGE ================================================ A…
Female Steps Only July 2015 jpeg

It's ladies time again!

Ladies! It's time to have a "Female Steps Only" Dancehall class…
Back to Old School June jpeg

Back to Old School is on this week!!

Nothing better than to listen to those music tracks that trigger…
Solo Video Cindy Claes Dance Storyteller

New Freestyle Video on YouTube!

It's been a while since I posted a freestyle video of myself…
Female Steps Only June jpeg
esie mensah
May Schedule 2015
WED NEW JACK SWING iAstudios MAY 2015 v2
, ,

90s Hiphop / New Jack Swing / Hype

Dear MC Hammer lovers, and all those that remember the running…
Femlae steps only April 2015 Cindy only
, , ,

Female Steps Only - Thurs 23rd April

The Dancehall LAB presents "FEMALE STEPS ONLY" --------------------------------------- Thurs…
DANCEHALL GENERAL FLYER _ new 3 classes flyer by Sara
April Schedule 2015_JPEGv2
Sir Ledgen - final flyer
Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 19.03.38
Internship Opportunity.001
, ,

Internship Opportunity

***Internship Opportunity with Cindy Claes Productions*** We…

"Old School" Dancehall vybz

  2014 is slowly coming to an end, some have their…

Theatre Madness - book your tickets

For all those who love a bit of theatre and who love stories…

Poverty Kicks

Hi dance lovers!   Here is an opportunity for you…
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Collabo Class TUE 25th NOV

COLLABO CLASS Jazz-Fusion & Dancehall Dominic-Lawrence…
auditions oct newsletter.001
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Auditions on Fri 17th Oct

Cindy Claes will be choreographing new groundbreaking theatre…
Pic Felicia for student showcase 2

Students' Showcase coming up soon (FRI 5th SEPT)

Dear dance lovers, dancers and students, We have an exciting…

Di Baddest from Mad Cobra - Dancehall class choreo

Hi there! Here is one of my latest choreos I taught in class.…

**Meditation for dancing souls**

“MEDITATION FOR DANCING SOULS” – to support dancers and…
Sofa Sessions Share to Build

Sofa Sessions by Scanners Inc. – hosted by Cindy Claes (Thurs 5th June)

If you are an artist (filmmaker, dancer, writer, actor, musician,…
Old School Dancehall Class with Cindy Claes

Old School Dancehall Class with Cindy Claes

Here is a short extract of a “special one-off old school”…

Meditation for dancers – coming soon…

**!!!DANCERS!!!*** I am about to organize a session to support…
School - a short work in progress - Dancehall Theatre

“School” – Dancehall Theatre in progress

“School” was a collaboration between Schoy and myself which…
Weekly Dancehall Classes – a session focussing on Female Dance Moves

Weekly Dancehall Classes – a session focussing on Female Dance Moves

Here is a little extract of what we did in class this week!…


In addition to my two weekly evening classes, I will now also…

Special one-off Dancehall sessions in MAY focussing on… ….

The month of May is loaded with exciting Dancehall classes. Students…
Hip hop Dancehall Krumping from the streets to the Theatre

Hip hop Dancehall Krumping – … from the streets to the Theatre…

Bringing Hip hop from the streets to the Theatre wasn’t a…

Dancehall Classes in London – Join us now!

Despite the London tube strikes, students, Dancehall warriors…
What is Dancehall Theatre – Video Blog

What is Dancehall Theatre? – Video Blog

What is Dancehall Theatre? The concept triggers interest and…
Snippet of rehearsals with the DTX Collective

Snippet of rehearsals with the DTX Collective

“DTX COLLECTIVE” stands for “Dancehall Theatre Exchange…
Behind the scenes – rehearsals of Cindy Claes new solo piece

Behind the scenes – rehearsals of Cindy Claes’ new solo piece

“Time is ticking, phone is ringing” is a new Hip hop &…
dancehall classes with cindy

Video from this week’s Dancehall Class!

Hope you are all getting ready for a fabulous weekend! Here…
A Dancehall Dancer’s Dream – Interview series at DanceJA – episode 3 with Nicky Trice
Women in the Dancehall – Interview series at DanceJa – episode 2

Women in the Dancehall – Interview series at DanceJa – episode 2

During my last trip to Jamaica I had the opportunity to host…

Why I teach and my love for Dancehall…

I currently teach 2 weekly Dancehall classes in London. TUE,…
Dancehall Dancerz in Jamaica Kingston – Uptown Mondayz

Dancehall Dancerz in Jamaica/Kingston – Uptown Mondayz

I just came back from a 6 weeks trip to Jamaica, supported…

Yo! Wah Gwan – Dancehall Interviews at DanceJa – 1st episode

I just came back from a 6 weeks trip to Jamaica (as an ADAD…

Dancehall classes in London with Cindy Claes!

During my trip to Jamaica, wonderful teachers Andrea Queens and…


It’s been so hectic in Cindy Claes Productions’ Headquarters…
, ,


The Dancehall Theatre Exchange & Training Program (DTxTP)…
Big Up Wednesdayz International Authentic Jamaican Dancehall
Audition poster 5 JPEG

AUDITIONS for the DTX Collective

AUDITIONS for the DTX Collective Dancehall Theatre…

Peaceful Warrior – a movie I wanted to share

Click here for Peaceful Warrior video (YouTube length:2hrs) If…
Internship at Cindy Claes Productions


Want to do an internship with Cindy Claes Productions during…
PuzzelB – new Hiphop Theatre show in the making

PuzzelB – new Hiphop Theatre show in the making…

I am now a Londoner, for sure! I spent more than 8 years in this…
Little squirrel running, coconut under the paw

Little squirrel running, coconut under the paw…

A true story that happened a few weeks ago. I thought I’d share…

UK Dancehall United performing at PhD

A weekend of lectures, workshops, exhibitions and showcases……
Young Indian actor and dancer dreaming big

Young Indian actor & dancer dreaming big...

Free Dance Class this SUN 20th OCT

Free Dance Class this SUN 20th OCT !!!

I will be teaching a FREE CLASS this SUN 20th OCT!!! If you…
Dreaming big and slowing down

Dreaming big & slowing down

“Exciting visions & big plans require hard work. So once…
Additional dance classes during OCTOBER

Additional dance classes during OCTOBER!!!

After a few hectic months of rehearsals and performances, here…
School Fi Wifey – Dancehall Theatre

School Fi Wifey – Dancehall Theatre

I have recently been commissioned by Midland Actors Theatre to…
Difficult doesnt mean impossible

Difficult doesn’t mean impossible.

Always listen to that inner voice that knows the dictionnary.…

As artists, this should be our mantra!

I am an ADAD Trailblazer 2013-14. I am very excited to be…
Inspiring Quote about Artists

Inspiring Quote about Artists

“Artists are some of the most driven and courageous people…
New Jack Swing and Dancehall classes in London

New Jack Swing & Dancehall classes in London

I am now teaching 3 classes per week! Check out the full schedule…

Cindy Claes (photo by Irven Lewis)

This is me! I am an artist wearing many hats: Choreographer…

Cindy Claes – new blog!!

I am very excited to share artistic energy and creativity with…

Twitter: @dancebackpacker

Choreographer, Playwright, Dance Teacher, Dancer, Actress, Dance Backpacker

Cindy is an artist wearing many hats.  Her unstoppable fountain of energy can be found in her passion for dance and theatre, following her drive to break boundaries. Find out about her accomplishments and her background here, including videos, pictures and  exclusive “behind the scenes” stories.


Testimonials & Quotes:

“There is no formula for success that has been proven to be the right one (in the dance world). Don’t be afraid to innovate and create your own.”

Cindy Claes

“You have to come down and take Cindy’s class! Lose all your inhibitions and enjoy every minute of it while learning new steps in an action packed routine. You’ve got to love it!”


“Reality starts with a dream. To create a beautiful, magnificent reality we have to master the art of dreaming again.”

Cindy Claes

“You can’t find many teachers like Cindy in London!”


“Difficult doesn’t mean impossible.”

Cindy Claes

“The classes are hot and energetic where we don’t only learn steps and routines but we also share our smiles and happiness with Cindy.”


“Exciting visions and big plans require hard work. So once you start dreaming BIG, don’t worry if you find yourself SLOWING DOWN. Big and long to-do lists require time to be accomplished with care.”

Cindy Claes

“Fantastic class suitable for all levels. Helping me every week to keep fit after my Heart Attack a few years ago.”


Quick Links:


Unless you are an extra or part of the cast for #thisgirlcancampaign , please do not come to class tonight as we are holding a private and closed video shoot tonight. Our usual dancehall weekly madness will be on as usual from next week!! ❤️❤️❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 2 days ago  ·  

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One happy & satisfied face, one sad face, one aaaaaaaaarrrrggghhh yes! no! face. Most difficult selection process ever. So much talent was submitted for #1000piecespuzzle . Selections is in process in the UK. All I know is that we will have to break a few hearts and we as a panel will be heartbroken too. Artists, whether you get picked or not, keep pushing and continuing what you are doing. The 14 spaces we can offer is just not enough, you have demonstrated that. @zinnema ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 2 days ago  ·  

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Hi Dancehall students,

Looking for non-professional dancers to be a part the This Girl Can campaign. Wanna be paid to take class & be an extra for the next upcoming video shoot?

It is gonna be mad FUN!

The producers will be filming my Dancehall Class at Studio 68 on TUE 29th NOV and another session in C ranford on Saturday 3rd Dec.


The producers will be filming my Dancehall Class at Studio 68 and another session in Canford on Saturday 3rd Dec.

To take part please email with your contact details.

They are looking for real looking women, all shapes and sizes!!


There is limited spaces so please get in touch asap.
... See MoreSee Less

Posted 4 days ago  ·  

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Afrobeats, the journey, @homebrosuk session - can't wait to train & go class tonight! #afrobeats #Dancer ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 4 days ago  ·  

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When dancing in the rain all of a sudden takes a whole other meaning... ... See MoreSee Less

"KAIROS" : The supreme moment in which everything happens . Watch the whole video Link in Bio 👆🏼

Posted 6 days ago  ·  

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Meetup: Dancehall Classes in London

All dance classes are drop-ins.

Click the button below which will take you to the Meetup page and then click RSVP so I know you are coming, but if you don’t… not to worry! Just turn up on the day and pay at reception (£7 / class).