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The power of storytelling through dance

Dance, Theatre, Improv Comedy and Mindful Creativity to empower

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Awaken Your Creativity Retreat Day

Let’s become creative & fearless in all areas of our lives!

Our Retreat Days are an opportunity for people from all walks of life to enhance their creative approach to life.

From dance, to improv’ comedy, to theatre, to storytelling, to meditation, to creative writing, the retreat day will both trigger our creative potential from all angles, and bring mindfulness to our artistic process.

Are you ready to…

Allow yourself to dream big again?

Develop fearlessness & spontaneity?

Join us now to cultivate a creative approach to life and a solution-orientated mindset.

Open to people from all walks of life.

No previous experience required, only the willingness to take a creative risk or two.

Join our Dancehall Classes in London

Beginners are warmly welcome!

Our dance students are a tribe of Dancehall enthusiasts, coming from all walks of life.

Share social vybz, cultural knowledge and Dancehall grooves.

“Amazing class, so high energy, pumped!!!” – Amelia

“Cindy’s classes totally changed how I felt about my body, in a super positive way. Her energy and her attitude is very empowering. A huge big thank you from the bottom of my heart.”- Claire

Book a Dance Storytelling Workshop

A Dance Theatre workshop where emerging & professional talents develop both their choreographic and performance skills.

Cindy has coached choreographers and dancers all over the world, helping them to clarify their authentic artistic voice.

Workshops are for dance practionners from all backgrounds: from Dancehall to Hiphop to Afro-beats to Krump to Contemporary dance.

“Cindy’s given me permission to empower myself in ways I didn’t know how, everything she’s taught me I will take on with me through out the rest of my life.” – Ffion

Need a Choreographer?

Cindy is a visionary. She has created socio-political dance theatre work, as well as pieces to support brands to bring their core message to new audiences.

“You have to applaud director and choreographer Cindy Claes for being so daring in her approach to theatre. (…) Claes’ experimentation defines her as an ‘artist’ rather than just a choreographer” –
ToomuchFlavour Online Magazine

“A masterclass in contemporary dance, Voices in the Alleyway shows the struggles of a young pair of basketball-lovers, as they attempt to free themselves from the shackles of oppressive upbringings.” – The London Word

“Cindy Claes is revitalising.” – Isaac Ouro

Business Coaching for Dancers & Choreographers

For dance artists hungry to take their careers to the next level and want to learn how to apply for fundings.

“I am incredibly grateful for the program. I can’t put it to words. I just got 3 funding applications approved, giving me a budget of 9000 euro to work with on 3 different projects. Today, I also got offered a professionally paid job as a choreographer soon. I was also offered two performances dates and a residency for my own work. During this, a whole panel of judges, programmers, bookers, … will come and watch. I am launched now. You made me so ready and secure, with the whole program, but mostly, your specific coaching. It’s an insane feeling I am having now. Can’t even begin to describe. I couldn’t fully grasp that the effect would happen so soon and so much before and during the program. But really Cindy, thanks for giving me the knowledge, skills and also support to kick me to get me here. It’s the first time ever I feel good about everything, even about things that are going bad. I lost almost all fear. And I never thought this day would ever come, let alone all in the same day. You are really forever the best thing that ever crossed my path. Thanks so much. Really. Don’t know how I ever would be able to give back what you’ve done for me, but I am trying to live up to it.” – Evelyne

“Working with Cindy has been one of the biggest turning points for me as an artist, and one of my biggest inspirations in the dance world. Cindy is truly a unique and special treasure in the dance industry.” – Daniel

“Cindy is an incredible artist and leader with a passion for sharing knowledge. Her fantastic teaching abilities and desire to help build up the dance community have inspired me to pursue my own goals.She is a selfless mentor that I am constantly learning from.” – Elsabet

“Cindy is great and encouraging always! Working with her in the short time has opened my eyes to see things differently from a creative perspective. Allowing myself to be challenged and step out of comfort zones. She is a great mentor and creative artist and I am blessed to have been able to cross paths with her.” – Michael


Cindy Claes Productions’ is a Storytelling Production house. We tell stories through dance, theatre and film.

The company specialises in helping companies, organisations and individuals to tell share their story and their message with the world in a creative way.

Our mission is to create artistic earthquakes, with rippling effects of well-being. The company uses dance and theatre to nurture confidence, happiness, joy and leadership.

Cindy’s mantra is that reality starts with a dream. Through the arts, she encourages all to dream big and take actions upon their dreams. Her workshops  and international dance exchanges aims to support individuals to blossom and embrace their full potential as human beings.

The company’s dance theatre work aim to create empowering social interactions. Performances, bring people together, generate healthy debates, raise awareness, and encourage all to embrace our powerful roles as citizens of the world a.k.a. artists of the world.